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Author Topic: Gen 1 fazer - odometer reads in kilometres  (Read 9048 times)


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Re: Gen 1 fazer - odometer reads in kilometres
« Reply #25 on: 30 April 2013, 08:33:27 PM »
cheers unfazed, now I think of it, your right it was the reflectors. I can remember at the time the headlight units that were available on ebay were around the £100 mark, and those that were,  had at least had one lug missing some where on the unit. And breakers didn't fair much better. Mine was perfect, just had the wrong reflectors in. The other thing that was mentioned to me when I considered going down the route i did, was that if the lenses weren't correctly replaced the beam would be affected. Dave Haslam did a real good job and was more than happy to answer any questions pre or post mod. How the previous owner got away with his MOT's for so long i don't know. He must never have taken the bloody thing out a night. I only had the bike for a week before I took me the missus and luggage up to Scotland. So I never considered the headlight at the time, just changed the oil and filter. Coming back with the weight on the back and a soft rear shock with the headlight pointing skyward into on coming traffic was not what i call joy. Thankfully the bike spent the winter in the garage where i was able to sort this and other issues one has with a new pride and joy in one's leisure. Oh the joys of biking. :lol