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Author Topic: Not a Lars modded one...  (Read 256 times)


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Not a Lars modded one...
« on: 03 March 2020, 04:02:14 PM »
So, i dont get the fizzer until friday but have modded another airbox..... My thoughts about it was to not cut the velocity stack in the front. Put kedo filters in the front and two velocity stacks above the velocity stacks :-) (picture says it all)
The billet stacks are from italy...and they long for mid punch.

Other i got them to put a full black widow system on it. Been fiddling with a PCV and autotune here at home but had to get a CAN cable and terminator because some ebay sellers are effed! Got a healtech ES elim. AIS plates, 16T & DV8R have sent me some smaller secondary flies..... And i get the bike on friday *lol*



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Re: Not a Lars modded one...
« Reply #1 on: 04 March 2020, 08:29:05 PM »
looks pukka. I cut my original secondary butterflies down, but found it ran better with them removed completely. I know you probably already know this but a bit of concentrated heat to free the threadlocked screws in the butterflies is essential, them tiny screw heads are made of cheese... :)