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For Sale & Wanted / Re: Baglux wanted
« on: 20 November 2019, 10:40:47 PM »
Got one now thanks. cheers

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen 1 baglux wanted.
« on: 20 November 2019, 10:39:54 PM »
Got one now thanks..cheers

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Gen 1 baglux wanted.
« on: 10 November 2019, 01:50:07 PM »
Dark blue or Black please. Ta

For Sale & Wanted / Baglux wanted
« on: 10 November 2019, 01:48:53 PM »

Any body got a baglux tank cover for sale ? dark blue or black please. cheers
Fzs 1000. 04.  gen 1

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat" - NO POLITICS!
« on: 28 July 2019, 08:14:16 PM »
You lot just cant leave it alone..find a political forum and talk shit on that..what gets my goat is bikers that aint really bikers..when we meet for a fry up and a ride no one I know talks about this shit..

General / Re: Three small adjustments made a difference
« on: 20 July 2019, 10:45:22 AM »

Got to be careful with a tight chain, the best way to get it right is with the weight of a rider, hard on your own I know, but at least do it so its right with the weight of the bike (not on any stand ). Too tight and it will stop the suspension moving correctly, wear quicker, wear gear box bearings and run hot.
The manual is not great at chain tension info, if you can get it at manual spec on its wheels its fine. A looser chain is better than a tighter one (within reason ). The clonk is a pain, but the rolling trick is the best way forward. Just my penny worth.

General / Re: Just been told £2000 to repair my FZ1S
« on: 27 June 2019, 09:27:22 AM »
Where are you ? can a forum member with a van/trailer help ?

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 19 June 2019, 06:00:37 PM »

Hold on, I am just saying you can steer a bike without the bars, no one said anything about at speed, VNA said you can go to work without leaning at all...well I would be fukin late for work.. I don't even know where this chicken strip shit comes from, just cos your leaning over far doesn't mean your going fast, I don't worry about mine cos I have a normal size cock, and where ships come into it fuk I said this thread is pants.
I just think some good advice when a fella asks a question is nice, at the moment he is changing all his suspension, trying to keep upright while making sure his tyres are the same diameter right across and have no shiny bits...
P.s  you can tighten your line if your running wide by trailing the back brake.(its cheaper than ohlins too ).the only good advice was you go where you look.
sorry again

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 19 June 2019, 12:14:21 PM »

This thread is pants, and misleading for some one who asked a question.
You can steer a bike without bar input (remember the white helmet display team, the fella that climbed a ladder on the back and steered AROUND the arena )...also when you let go of the bars to do up your gloves you can still steer with your foot pressure on the pegs.
Tyre diameter is less at the edge (go round a series of bends at a steady throttle opening in the same gear and the revs will rise and fall as you tip in from upright as the gearing of the bike changes)
And Kevin Scwantz was talking about braking , when asked "when do you brake for a corner " he replied when I see god.

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 17 June 2019, 09:09:14 PM »
Maybe you got a sidecar...or a shit tape measure

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 17 June 2019, 09:07:54 PM »
Also as you lean over, the effective diameter of your wheel is reduced because you are moving from the crown of the tyres to the shoulder of the tread. This means that you would then be travelling at a slower speed than your corner entry speed unless you open the throttle to compensate.
I think you are wrong on both counts.  The tyre must maintain it’s diameter across it’s width.  If you have a varying diameter depending on where on the tread you are you will have one very weird handling bike.  This is why we don’t like worn tyres, particularly say tyres that have worn down in the centre but still have plenty of meat on the sides.  Why?  Because every time you tip into a corner the wheel is forced to slow and you can feel that as the bike twitches into the turn.  Even worse is a rear worn badly in the centre with a front badly worn on the sides.  The front wheel then speeds up as the rear slows on entering a corner which = evil handling.

Ps when I say leaning – I mean the rider leaning.  Yes the bike must lean to make a turn but the rider does not necessarily have to.  The bike is forced into a lean by input at the bars.

So the diameter of the tyre is the same at the crown as at the edge VNA ?  you better get back to the Brexit thread ..

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 15 June 2019, 07:56:03 AM »

I would go to a track day, or get a track tuition session, great fun and better than trying this stuff on the road.
The only way to feel the limit in relative safety.

General / Re: Track days.
« on: 10 June 2019, 10:03:15 AM »

never heard of it no. too dodgy

General / Re: Weather window of opportunity.
« on: 10 June 2019, 10:01:52 AM »
nice one robbo

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Clutch cable! Routing. FZS
« on: 08 June 2019, 09:01:17 AM »
Did mine the other week, from lever under tank then right by the rubber boot on the cable (gen yam one ) it goes in a clip then across under carbs to clutch arm. your right though the bend to go across looks tight

General / Re: Insurance is weird
« on: 07 June 2019, 03:36:23 PM »

My insurance went down when I said bikes were on the drive not in garage..weird. I had insurance that stated when at home address must be in garage to be covered. bit of a pain if your in and out all day so I tried a quote saying they were kept on the drive way...cheaper..
I am sure they wont mind if I put them in the garage !

General / Re: Another safety post
« on: 07 June 2019, 09:10:35 AM »
Yeah but we are bike aware, I mean all the other twats on the road wont bother to look over their shoulder or disable auto fold in.

I just ordered a pair of Pirelli diablos..£119 !! on e bay from demon tweaks...for that money they can be made of wood..I don't care

General / Another safety post
« on: 06 June 2019, 10:34:29 AM »

Another safety missus just borrowed a car that when you turn it off the mirrors automatically fold in. (I drive old shitters so its new to me ).
When I was moving it I noticed this cos I always look in the mirror before opening the door (bikes/cycles) you cant...another fukin hazard for us..

General / Re: Safety first... essential read
« on: 06 June 2019, 10:30:14 AM »
All the science is all very well but motorcycles aren't pulling out on people left right and centre, I assume our eyes are the same as everyone else,s ..It comes down to how much it hurts when you get car drivers just aint careful enough

General / Re: Kill switch or ignition key
« on: 17 April 2019, 12:43:55 PM »

I just stall it in gear, than sidestand then key and lock.dunno why. so its in gear I spos.

General / Re: Stud extractor recommendations.
« on: 03 April 2019, 02:04:46 PM »
But really Robbo, how bad are they ? maybe run the bike to get it hot then use that freeze and crack stuff. so big temp difference. do the studs need doing? or just got to get nuts off ?

General / Re: Stud extractor recommendations.
« on: 02 April 2019, 10:31:35 PM »
A few weeks ago I was out with the lads, we were in a night club, I was cracking on with two lovely birds...when all of a sudden my missus comes in !...she grabbed me by the ear and dragged my out the club...I said "what the fuck you doing ?" she said...wait for it...." I am a stud extractor...  he he sorry...

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 26 March 2019, 09:45:22 AM »

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 21 March 2019, 10:26:27 PM »
Oh well I tried, you lot need to get out more, ta ta.

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