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Just sent you £50 Moff  :)

I'll be at SM19, put me down for a bunk please Moff  :) :)

Just sent you another £50 Stu, will send the rest in a few weeks after my next pay day  ;)

I have my pass signed for Spring Meet 2016  :D :D :D :woot :woot :woot :guitar :guitar :guitar :sun :sun :sun

£20 deposit sent  :thumbup

get you special requests for booze in now  :lol

Are the local brewery supplying a barrel or two this year Stu?

Reschedule..............It wouldn't be the same without you & Val  ;)

I wonder what Tim would say about your wrist problem?  :lol :lol :lol


General / Re: Man down!!!,
« on: 27 April 2015, 05:21:49 PM »
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Nick  :)

Would be rude not to  ;)

Messages for Users / Re: MarchRide
« on: 21 February 2015, 07:31:52 PM »
 :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Ey up Moff
Could you just check for me please mate, according to my emails, I've sent you £45 in total - £25 on 29/5/14 & £20 on 31/7/14.

I know you're a busy fella, so no rush, but could you let me know if both payments have reached you're account once you've had a look please.

Ta very much  :)

 :kiss from The Fat Lad

Yes please Moff, I will be back in 2015  :D

Need yer bank details again so I can transfer some dosh  ;)

The penguin ladies  :eek Always good to see in the morning

Just for you then Shaun  ;)

Thanks Eddie & Val for organising today's ride, a top day out with good company, some great roads and even some decent sunshine (shame about the rain near Leicester Forest East services on the way home, but at least it soon passed over & the sun came out again, so my kit is nice and dry  :D ). Just shy of 330 miles in all  :)

Mornin' Foccers  :D

Looks like we'll be dodging showers tomorrow, hey-ho, to the Silver Ball we go  :D

Bumpety bumpety bump bump  :D

I was talking to my wife earlier about this ride, and as soon as I mentioned Essex one of my daughters said 'do you think you'll meet Joey Essex?'..................... I 'kin hope not or I could be arrested for murder  :lol

The Laboratory ! / Re: FAO admin
« on: 19 April 2014, 01:58:36 PM »
They must be very sticky tyres ;-)

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