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Erik 75
25 July 2016, 06:40:33 PM by Erik 75
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Hello chaps,

Today when i'm back from my oil change and stopped at home i've noticed this.
Some rubber tube has been cutted by the chain, but i don't know what tube is that.
02 January 2016, 03:12:16 AM by StrippedSprocketNut
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Hello all im new to this forum thank you / well first off i own a 2004 fz6 and of course the guy i got it from didn't tell me that the front  sprocket nut wasn't there lol. well come to find out the t...
21 August 2014, 02:41:08 PM by rez0 | Views: 6741 | Comments: 0

Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you have thought and d...
07 December 2011, 08:14:58 PM by 2ze
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hi I've bought some new clear indicator lenses advertised as r6/fazer lenses once they turned up i removed my old orange ones and tried to fit the new ones but the holes don't match up were you try to...
01 November 2010, 08:48:25 PM by MikeRBiker | Views: 11252 | Comments: 0

I have raised a new chain, as the FZ6 connection layout is slightly different to previous models.

Heres my account, and would suggest reading through other postings as well, as thats what ...
01 November 2010, 08:28:09 PM by MikeRBiker | Views: 18617 | Comments: 0

Shamelessly pinched from by Nooj, 9/2008

Fault Code: 12
Diagnostic Code: --
Symptom: No normal signals are received from the crankshaft position sensor. ...
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