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ULEZ and how it effects the Gen1:

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Received confirmation today that the NOX output for the Gen1 Fazer thou is 0.09. The limit is 0.15
This means that with a certificate of conformity it is exempt.
Great news for us all I believe.
I'm going to attempt to get the whole model included but as they've asked for engine and chassis number photographs I suspect that it's going to be issued on an individual basis.
I may still have some hoops to jump through as mine was a French import

Here is a copy of the reply email.
Good Afternoon,Thank you we have now been able to identify the machine, the NOx output is 0.09 (g/km). In regards to documentation to confirm this it would be a Certificate of Conformity required, the procedure as follows below.We believe that we are likely to be able to produce a Certificate of Conformity for the FZS1000 we would however ask you to be kind enough to e-mail the following:1)Name2)Full postal address3)Daytime telephone number4)A photograph of the VIN/Chassis Number stamped into the frame of the machine5)A photograph of the Engine Number which will be visible on the engine casing.Once we have the above information, we should be in a position to produce a Certificate of Conformity. Please be advised that being an import once information is presented we will have to request the document from Europe systems, we cannot guarantee the document is available for this imported unit.May we also advise that an administration fee of £60 (inc VAT) is applicable and may be paid by either debit or credit card. Due to the number of requests received, we are currently taking an average of 3-4 weeks once all information has been received to produce the letter and therefore will wait until we have produced a draft of the letter before contacting you by telephone to take your card payment.We once again thank you for contacting us and trust that the above information will be of assistance.

Good work DAZZA  :thumbup .....very interested to see the outcome...

This is amazing news! who do we contact..? as I want to get mine in before april.

Fantastic work Dazza. Is yours invanised? Might make a difference


--- Quote from: b1k3rdude on 30 January 2019, 08:11:25 pm ---This is amazing news! who do we contact..? as I want to get mine in before april.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: mtread on 30 January 2019, 08:33:11 pm ---Fantastic work Dazza. Is yours invanised? Might make a difference

--- End quote ---

No, standard carbs have gone back on  :D :finger


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