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Fazer8 / FZ8 / Re: Fitted a New style Powerbronze bellypan
« on: 14 August 2015, 01:53:39 AM »
Love it!  Looks great.

Introduction / Re: Hello From Belfast
« on: 05 August 2015, 01:31:14 AM »
Thanks for that unfazed.
Ill not make it to the UGP this year due to work, but my new found need for a sat nav comes from going to the NW200, and when one of our party couldnt make it at the last minute (he was the only one who knew how to get to Ballysally Roundabout) the rest of us found it pretty difficult to find our way to where we wanted to be, and of course mobile phone signal was non existent √©very time we tried to consult a digital map!  I now have a paper map - just in case!! haha

Many people take a slight dislike to the side covers on the XJR, but I am a fan.

Thanks for the solid advice, always good to heard from a Cork man.


Introduction / Re: Hello From Belfast
« on: 25 July 2015, 02:39:37 AM »
Cheers downey
Granted, there are a few 'odd' bits on the xjr, the front end reminds me of Mark Fowler for some reason but when all is said and done it's a great bike to ride.
My fazer is four years old now but it just keeps getting better and better with age.... Like me

Introduction / Re: Hello From Belfast
« on: 19 July 2015, 03:36:28 AM »
My babies

Introduction / Re: Hello From Belfast
« on: 19 July 2015, 03:33:15 AM »
Yes indeed, you are quite right!

Fazer8 / FZ8 / Re: Gold Wheels..............
« on: 16 July 2015, 01:41:39 AM »
You can't make the full extent of the 'gold-ness' out in this picture but it really does make it a beautiful bike, mainly the reason that I bought it.  I've also seen gold wheels on a blue fzn!

Introduction / Hello From Belfast
« on: 16 July 2015, 01:14:14 AM »
Hello Everyone, quinnzo here.  Just registered, from Belfast.
I am on a Fazer 8 (white with gold wheels) and loving it.
Came here to find out any suggestions regarding luggage, sat navs and any tips for touring etc....

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