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General / Re: Osram Nightbreaker - worth it?
« on: 20 September 2012, 08:44:02 pm »
If your mechanically inclined have a look at the wiring first. The relay has a power supply from the fuse box. The wire is red/ yellow. If the wire is a bit cooked like mine was. The light was quite dim, so i put in a 17amp wire direct from the battery ran it through a fuse 20 amp then up to the relay behind the screen. Pulled out the spade terminal on the block plug with the red / yellow wire and replaced it with the 17amp wire and my lights were white without changing the bulbs. Hope this is an alternative to expensive bulbs.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Headlamp relays
« on: 11 September 2012, 08:04:38 pm »
The relays are under the clocks behind the screen. one controls the on/ off  the other controls hi/lo beam. Under the left hand infil panel are a couple of block plugs, Have a good look at the pins and the wiring around the plug. The wire you are looking for is a red/ yellow wire. Mine was burned out so i replaced the wire with a 17Amp wire direct from the battery with a fuse in line. The on off relay takes care of the permanent live and kills the lights off when the key is removed.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Different headlights for 03 Fazer
« on: 08 September 2012, 08:03:22 am »
Here is an interesting thing for you to consider. i ran a 17amp wire from my battery to the headlight relay on my foxeye. Removing the red/yellow wire from the relay and plugging in the 17amp wire in its place and i got Good standard headlights on my fazer. Tape up the end of the red/yellow  wire as it runs other bits on the bike. This wire is not up to the task its designed to do. if you live in the kent area i will help you.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: stupid question!
« on: 08 September 2012, 07:32:23 am »
From 2002 (foxeye fazer) had a clock fitted as standard. so you may have a 2002 case and box eye electronics. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: side stand
« on: 13 August 2012, 10:42:48 pm »
Clean and grease them they will all be fine. I spray wd 40 then after thats dried a light spray of chain lube once a month keeps mine very happy. Do this while moving  the side stand around.                                       ps. put ya bike on the main stand first, it hurts less that way. :lol

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Universal Digital Gear Indicator
« on: 09 August 2012, 10:09:00 am »
Easy to fit. A real pain in the ear to set up. Once fitted you have to educate the little b**t**d. You have to set it up at 3000rpm in each gear, which is easy on rear end speedo sensors. Unfortuntely fzs 600 fazers are fitted with front wheel speedo drives. So i could never get the required time at 3000rpm due to car driving morons.So i gave up and took it off. Now i just count the gears in my head. Much safer!!!! Good luck.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Bar end weights
« on: 09 August 2012, 09:16:31 am »
I have 1 bar end mirror on the left hand side and no blind spot for scooters and officers of the law to hide in. :lol

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Starting - electrical problem
« on: 09 August 2012, 09:10:11 am »
Fyi the rattle snake sound was probably your petrol pump working. Mine makes that noise when i forget to switch off my immobiliser which is also a datatool.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Clutch switch diode missing?
« on: 09 August 2012, 09:04:27 am »
I believe its in the multirelay under the left side panel next to the flasher relay. The multirelay controls the starting system and the petrol pump. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Stupid question but,,,
« on: 09 August 2012, 08:52:09 am »
 Yes they are the same. Go for the  K&N you will never need to buy another air filter again. They have a million mile warranty and one cleaning kit cleans and oils the filter about 5 or 6 times so they are cheaper in the long run. The engine breathes better too. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fixing kit for a 99t 600 Fazer
« on: 09 August 2012, 08:45:17 am »
Your looking for a Givi wingrack it holds 3 boxes but are not common any more. try E Bay. hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Oxford hot grips, wiring in
« on: 09 August 2012, 08:37:32 am »
Hot grips have a 4 amp draw current. So direct from the battery with a relay is always a good idea. The wire your looking for is a big fat brown/blue wire in the box under the tank. To power the relay then to ground from the relay ( I used a tag terminal on the coil mounting plate ). The relay i used was a 30 amp foglight relay from a vauxhall cavalier its tiny enough to sit in the box with the wiring. now my fingers are toastie on cold days. Im on my second set of hot grips on my fazer. I wore the old ones away to the element never once have they failed on me because of the wiring.  Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Flat Drag bars? Will they fit?
« on: 04 July 2012, 03:32:48 pm »
Brilliant right up till the clutch cable gets involved.  :D  Now i will explain. In my quest to find handlebars that didn't give me back ache i tried several different types, drag bars included. when i fitted the drag bars all was great then my clutch cable broke. I got another cable which was different it had a metal tube at the lever end. I took it back along with my old one and was told my old one was a bodge and the new one was correct. so i fitted the new one only to find that with the drag bars the cable bashed the clocks and restricted right hand lock. As my bike is not streetfightered this was a problem. I ended up with black renthal style bars this has stopped my back pain and the bike handles great. Hope my tale of woe is helpfull

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Rev and speedo needles going up and down
« on: 04 July 2012, 03:09:34 pm »
Don't know if this is of use but still. The rev counter jumping up and down could be speedo speak for the tps (throttle position sensor ) is dead. It usuall goes up to about 3k on the clock. as for the speedo check things like the lugs on the spinning magnet at the wheel and the routing of the wire. I very successfully managed to cut the cable with the new shiney wavy disks i had put on. but it didn't go straight away. the speedo went up for a while then would jump around. Then read 70 when i was sitting still then no more speedo. The smoke from the clocks was impressive. Scared the hell out of me :rolleyes  I realise the problem may not be related but i thought the info may help with a diagnosis.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: REAR BRAKE
« on: 29 June 2012, 09:14:25 am »
I Changed my seals about 3 months ago. When buying my new seals a mechanic came into the spares shop and told me to get red rubber grease, put it on the seal and smear some in the slot the grease keeps the fliud out of the gaps and stops it crystalising. The pistons slid in really easy too. The grease does not affect the brake fluid so it pressures up fine.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Cornering confusion...
« on: 29 June 2012, 09:00:06 am »
Out of curisoity have you checked your front wheel bearings? It makes for very interesting cornering when the right hand one wares out. its the least defended one with only a seal to protect it. Just a thought chaps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Help! What happening to my bike?
« on: 29 June 2012, 08:45:05 am »
Sounds like something i had a while ago. I called it tractor mode. Basically it would drop a cylinder at low revs not pull and sound like a massey fergusson at idle. It turned out to be no 2 plug cap the insulative qualities of the outer coating had failed. What gave it away was i made the bike wet pushed it in the garage started the bike up. lo and behold tractor mode. I touched the cap got zapped after recovering i turned off the lights. only to see a pretty light show coming out of the side of the cap. got a new cap (NGK) not original never done it since. For reference genuine cap are around £ 40 per cap NGK are between £6 And £10 depending on where you shop. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Ideas on helmet speakers/earphones
« on: 11 June 2012, 06:52:56 pm »
I got a bt Interphone off Ebay (About £30) had it about a year now still going plays music answers calls and if its paired with another one you can talk to a passenger. Battery lasts about 3 hours contious use 7 hours on standby and you have auto answer and it does voice dial. starts to get a bit hard to talk to the Mrs after about 80mph. The only thing that lets them down is the double sided tape is abit usless but Halfords do number plate tape and mine has stuck like a lympet since i changed the tape. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Help me gauge tyre life!
« on: 11 June 2012, 06:41:47 pm »
1 mm is the legal limit at any point in the tread. But change it anyway the bike will behave alot better.  :D

You may Want to Consider the Brushes in your starter motor being worn. Im assuming the starter motor is an original fitted by yamaha. The repair is easy to do if your up for it. you could just get another motor from a breakers or Ebay. A call to your nearest trusted dealer for prices of the brushes should be a consideration in case getting a second hand motor is cheaper than the brushes. just changing the starter motor is three bolts, two hold the motor in place the third is the high ampage wire from the starter solenoid. Tap out the starter motor with a piece of 2x1 and a mallet. If you're an experienced diy mechanic changing will take about 20 mins. If not take lots and lots or pictures as you take it apart.and take your time. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Charging Issues, help!
« on: 05 June 2012, 12:05:37 am »
Have a look at your regulator plug in the box under the tank i had a similar problem with charging. Upon close inspection one of my generator wire connections had come loose and roasted itself. So i cut out the damaged connector and wire grafted in new and all is fine. Of course i will assume the battery is ok. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Lifting fuel tank
« on: 04 June 2012, 11:46:48 pm »
The thing that broke was most likely the plug for your fuel gauge sender breaking out of the frame just give it a brief look at to make sure none of the wiring is damaged.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Tyre advice please
« on: 04 June 2012, 11:36:02 pm »
Go with the Michelin Road Pilot2 or Road Pilot 3. I had my rp2 on for 2 years commuting to and from work doing roughly 100 miles a week rain or shine. They stick like brown stuff to a blanket even in the wet. Now i have a rp3 on the front and an rp2 on the rear. they look like they are going to give the same good service as my previous michelins. Hope this helps.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Charge voltages
« on: 04 June 2012, 11:13:50 pm »
Thanks for all your help and advice. I went over the wiring and to my surprise I found a burn on the plug of the regulator. pulled it apart and one of the three wihite wires from the generator came out of its terminal. I can only assume this has been going on for a while. I  had to cut back quite a way to find good copper to solder to. But I grafted a new piece of wire and connector then carefully teased the other end of the block plug connector out. Then soldered a new connector on that. plugged it back in and normal service has been resumed. Though I will be keeping a close eye on that plug in future. Once again many thanks for all your help.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Temperamental tail brake light...
« on: 03 June 2012, 08:03:37 pm »
I would go with the replacement plan. I got an led rear light and had the same problem  changed it and job done.

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