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FZS600 Fazer / Pilot screw adjusting tool
« on: 12 May 2021, 11:41:14 pm »
If you have ever adjusted the carburettor pilot screws on the 600 Fazer you will know how restricted the space is on number 3 carb. If you have dainty fingers you might be able to use a very short screwdriver, but I can't. You can buy a bent tool for £18 which is probably good for most bikes but which I found possible but tricky to use on number 3 carb on the 600 Fazer. There is also a much more expensive tool available that uses a pair of small bevel gears and would no doubt do the job well. After seeing a similar idea to this on another forum this is a tool I made using an angled screwdriver from Toolstation for £6.59 and which makes the job a lot easier. Very pleased with the end result which makes the adjustment easy. The chrome extension tube was something I had lying about from some scrapped item.

FZS600 Fazer / Pilot mixture screw adjustment
« on: 10 May 2021, 10:40:58 pm »

Has you ever heard of using exhaust pipe temperature as a guide when adjusting the pilot screw?

Just for interest I measured to temperature of the exhaust pipes shortly after starting from cold and ticking over for a couple of minutes and I was surprised to find number 3 pipe only got to about 70C when the others had got to about 100C. When I ran it at 2200 revs for a couple of minutes all four got to about the same temperature. I could detect a slight unevenness at tick-over but it never bothered me when riding the bike, which has now done 60,000 miles. After checking cylinder pressures and valve clearances etc. I decided to have a go at a little adjustment of the pilot screw on number three which did smooth out the tick-over. However after letting it all cool down and starting again the tick-over was still smooth but number three ex pipe was still not getting hot as quick as the others. Another 1/4 turn out and now all four pipes get hot at the same time and tick over still smooth. Hence my question about making final adjustments based on exhaust pipe temperature heating up from cold, because I've never heard of it being done that way, and you would normally make such adjustment with everything warmed up.   

General / Clever pony.
« on: 03 July 2018, 05:18:59 pm »

Even a pony knows which bike to head for.

General / Gas welding safety question
« on: 29 September 2017, 04:59:25 pm »

Can a knowledgeable person on gas welding/brazing safety tell me if it is safe to use any of the following equipment which hass not been used for about twenty years:- regulators, flash arrestors, hoses with check valves and a lightweight torch. Also a small acetylene cylinder which still contains some acetylene. Or should i ditch the lot and start afresh with new equipment. (I think I know what the answer will be!)

General / Visiting Ireland
« on: 25 April 2017, 12:36:21 pm »
Is it advisable to take out travel insurance for a five day motorcycle trip to Ireland, both North and Republic, like I do when going to France etc.
Obviously I will still have my European health insurance card which replaced the old E111.
Just wondering what others do.

FZS600 Fazer / Removing camshaft cover
« on: 17 November 2016, 09:47:38 pm »
Now done 47,000 miles and decided to check to valve clearances. Problem is getting the cam cover clear of the engine. I've done it before at about 30,000 miles and don't remember getting the cam cover away being such a problem. Haynes says to remove the bolt holding the thermostat housing, but unless I drain the water and remove the hoses the housing wont budge. I don't remember doing that last time, but maybe I did. Any of you guys who have checked the valve clearances had this problem and can advice if removing the thermostat housing is necessary or not.  :\

General / Plugged tire?
« on: 11 July 2016, 11:46:06 am »
This tire is a Dunlop PR3 on a FZS600 and has been repaired from the outside using a "Stop & Go" tool and mushroom headed plug.
Since repair it has already survived about 900 miles loaded up with full camping equipment and got me back from France.
At the most worn part still got 4mm of tread from the original 6mm.


The Laboratory ! / tyre test
« on: 11 July 2016, 11:22:33 am »
Plugged tyre

FZS600 Fazer / Michelin Pilot Road 3 tire pressures
« on: 21 May 2016, 09:06:58 pm »
Anyone know what tire pressures Michelin actually recommend for the PR3's on a FZS600 ?
It used to be shown on the Michelin web site for the older tires but I can't find anything now.

General / Happy Birthday
« on: 01 January 2016, 10:48:29 am »
If there really are 25 members having a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" to you all.
And if the list is right, 16 of them are 46 years old today. Were folks snowed in round about March 1969? :)

General / Inconsiderate parking
« on: 28 December 2015, 10:19:44 am »
Loads of other empty spaces yet these two park in the only spaces reserved for motorcycles!
How can they not see or not understand the instruction on the floor?  :\
M5 Frankley services south bound on New Years Eve.

General / Congratulations Fizzy Pies
« on: 28 November 2015, 12:58:47 pm »
Congratulations to Fizzy Pies on passing the IAM test this morning in wet and windy weather.

General / Oldest member could have met Jesus!
« on: 19 August 2015, 08:29:23 pm »
Just noticed on the home page it is "twosheds" birthday today and it shows he is 2007 years old  :eek . What's your secret and did you ever meet the great man.  ;)

General / Fazer rider fatality
« on: 17 August 2015, 01:07:33 pm »
A 21 year old Fazer rider from Chorley in Lancashire died yesterday afternoon only a few miles from his home. Very sad and my thoughts go to his friends and family who must be devastated. The accident was not far from me but I didn't know the lad and don't think he was a member on this site. It is thought he collided with a car.

General / Happy birthday Fizzypies
« on: 19 February 2015, 08:29:35 pm »
Not seen you on here for a while? Is it too cold for you these days  :rolleyes .

General / Question for bee experts
« on: 31 May 2014, 08:14:19 pm »
While gazing through my kitchen window I can see the gable end front corner of next doors bungalow. I have noticed recently a constant coming and going of bees under the fascia board. Behind that gable end is the garage. Now, if I tell the old dear next door she will worry about it and ask me what she should do. Since I don't know I am asking here first. I know bees perform a vital function but I guess nobody wants to share their house with them.

General / Cancel insurance question
« on: 15 May 2014, 09:37:41 pm »
I've just fixed a bike and had it M.O.T. and now sold it for someone who still has a couple of months insurance on it. I will tell him to cancel the insurance even though there will be no money to come back. The question is if he didn't cancel it and just lets it run out will he be doing anything wrong in the eyes of the law?
Obviously the new owner is getting insurance himself so he can ride the bike away on Saturday. But it just got me thinking if the present owner didn't cancel the insurance and a new owner didn't get insurance it wouldn't register any problem on the police camera things. Am I missing something or should I stop thinking so much  :\ .

General / A bit of joy for summer only riders
« on: 02 January 2014, 10:07:26 pm »
I know several guys and galls on here like to wrap thier bikes up for the winter and keep them nice and clean. Nothing at all wrong in that, but I thought I would bring a little bit of winter joy into your world by showing a few photo's from todays ride.
Cloud over How Gills Fells
Swollen River Ribble near Caton
Deserted road near Lancaster
O.K. they are nothing special, but maybe other winter riders would like to join in and bring some happiness to those less fortunate soals  :( .
Happy New Year to all.   :D
P.S. My bike needs cleaning now. :\

General / Interesting project
« on: 22 October 2013, 08:55:28 pm »
If you are interested in motorcycle engineering projects you might find this interesting.
Bit more than your average project bike though  :) .

General / 13 year old battery
« on: 17 May 2013, 08:58:34 am »
Just replaced the original battery on the January 2001 registered FZS600 so it must be about 13 years old. That seems pretty good to me.
It never let me down but I've noticed recently that if the bike failed to fire up first stab it was turning over slower on the next go. Decided it was time to go before my next camping trip where it gets used to blow up the air bed.
After recommendations on here I've gone for a Motobatt AGM type. Be happy if that lasts as long  :) .

General / Speed camera detection in France
« on: 02 November 2012, 07:19:59 pm »
 Admin, can't see the Touring section any more so if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it, I won't be offended.
Anyone thinking of useing a sat-nav with French speed camera locations on it might be interested in this from the AA web site.
Effective from 3 January 2012 French laws prohibiting drivers from carrying devices capable of detecting speed cameras have been extended to include devices able to warn or inform of the location of speed cameras.

I have a cheap sat-nav I sometimes use on the bike in the U.K. but as it doesn't have any other European maps on it I have never bothered when crossing the channel. I was thinking of getting one with European maps on for next year, but now wondering if one bought in the U.K. will be legal in France.
I'm guessing existing sat-navs have camera locations in France and maybe a new one will be made to be legal in France.
On the other hand I could be wrong, or missing something, and look forward to being corrected and informed by the experts.

General / Joke. New baby
« on: 12 February 2012, 05:22:07 pm »
       Sue Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wongs have a new baby.  The nurse brings out a lovely, healthy, bouncy, but definitely a Caucasian, WHITE baby boy.

'Congratulations,' says the nurse to the new parents.
      'Well Mr. Wong, what will you and Mrs. Wong name the baby?'      
The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says, 'Well, two Wong's don't make a white,
so I think we will name him...
Sum Ting Wong.

General / Blonde joke
« on: 24 January 2012, 09:37:35 pm »
                    A blonde joke with some Canadian content....                                                           
As a North Bay trucker stops for a red light on Hwy.11, a
blonde catches up.. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his
truck, and knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the
window, and she says, "Hi, my name is Heather, and you
are losing some of your load!"

The trucker ignores her and proceeds down the street.
when the truck stops for another red light, the girl
catches up again. She jumps out of her car runs up and
knocks on the door. Again, the trucker lowers the window.

As if they've never spoken, the blonde says brightly,
"Hi, my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!"

Shaking his head, the trucker ignores her again and
continues down the street. At the third red light, the same
thing happens again.

All out of breath, the blonde gets out of her car, runs up,
knocks on the truck door.  The trucker lowers the window.. Again she says, "Hi, my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!"

When the light turns green the trucker revs up and races to
the next light. When he stops this time, he hurriedly gets
out of the truck, and runs back to the blonde. He knocks on
her window, and as she lowers it, he says,..............

"Hi, my name is Kevin, it's winter in CANADA , and I'm driving the salt truck.

The Laboratory ! / photo test
« on: 25 October 2011, 08:48:06 pm »
here is a photo I hope

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