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Author Topic: Intro & request time  (Read 844 times)


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Intro & request time
« on: 18 January 2015, 05:56:48 pm »
Hi,another new foc-u newbie here.
I'm a biking ancient ,having owned anything and everything  over the decades including a fazer 600 and a fazer thou at various points as well as embarrassed shuffle,a harley or two,the odd do my head in,break down a lot Italian,and a fixer engine harris magnum to name a few..current rides are a triumph sprint 1050,triumph street triple 675 and the reason I'm here-a very much abused fazer 600 of 99 vintage.
This wonder was purchased as a non runner ex wheelie school bike back in November for the princely ebay bid of £366.
The aim of the project is to get a completely unroadworthy junker fully working and back on the road for £500 or under.
To date I've replaced the loom(dodgy alarm was the no run culprit)stripped and rebuilt the forks with nice 15w oil and new seals,repaired the many splits and cracks on seat unit and front and back mudguards,with my non patented home plastic welding technique ahem,soldering iron and used cable tie ends as weld.replaced the no tab speedo drive,to get a working speedo- the only new part I've had to buy to date.sorted blowing exhaust header-2snapped bolts in the head,cunningly previously disguised with araldite.sorted indicators and headlight which were missing from my mysterious cavern of crap,that doubles as garage/workshop.sorted rad,and leaking hoses,non working thermo...the list is long and extensive,lol,but I'm loving it.
The request part is--I'm stripping the front brakes(binding,a common problem I understand)and in removing the front brake reservoir lid,I encountered the inevitable screw head made of cheese.having fecked it beyond repair in my haste to get on,the trusty impact driver finaly did the job,but taking the lid with it.
Does anyone have a lid they will part with for miser type money? Don't care what it looks like,just that it stays in budget.failing that,does any font of wisdom know of other bikes that share the same size lid,to aid my ebay search.
I don't have a vacuum sealed work shop with full ancillary equipment,but I do have a leaky old barn sized garage,reasonable toolbox full of mis matched spanners and many years of self taught bodgery...and now a soldering iron that stinks of burnt plastic.
I hope you chaps may aid in my bound to be many moments of need,and in turn may shed a light here and there.


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Re: Intro & request time
« Reply #1 on: 23 January 2015, 10:05:36 pm »
Ha....Welcome Planty and good luck with your project  :lol

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Re: Intro & request time
« Reply #2 on: 24 January 2015, 10:01:49 am »
Welcome to the Asylum buddy!

If you pop a wee post into the For Sale section with a good description in the title, more foccers will see your request than they will in here.
Guid luck, and we want to see photies when it's finished!