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Just over 10 weeks to go ! Whoop whoop !  :rollin :) :D :rollin

I don't think it would be the same without a band... n  with a couple of foccers having BIG birthdays to celebrate. ..... maybe get the original band back if possible?

Just my personal opinion 😇 x

Ps I didn't mean Scottish Neil ~ he's taken 😂


- someone bring a mid 30s single lady or in 20's who likes older punky blokes lol

We'll just put Neil in a dress - you wouldn't know the difference 😉

I’m sure they will be bud

Who da food you talking to Heath?  😁 x

Ps only saying as you said to remind you,  we gave you a deposit when we left on Monday morning this year x

I know we've already said on fb, but Daz n I too please Mr Moff....twin room please 😇 N thank you x

That doesn't sound too good John, wishing you a speedy recovery x

Auntie V, can we watch Daz try and climb onto the top bunk then?       ;)

Dooks, now we're not sharing a room with floofs n you I'll give you a shout when he's going to bed...... Or just come when you hear a thud, cause he will try again as he'll be beer stupid ha ha x

Me, jodie, empty bunk x4... Sorted. What are you guys doing?

You're confusing me....I know doesn't take much....

GoPro ;)

Feck off :)  the only filming allowed is Dooks filming Daz trying to get into bed  :photo

We could do a 4 bunk, no toe treading here.

Choose your roomie Raymy... Moff is quite happy for us lot to share a 6 bedded room x

Dooks....permission granted. :)

Moff...Would this make things easier, having spoke to some other foccers, Daz & I, Kris & Di n Adam & Lisa will share a 6 bed room...leaving you only 6 couples to sort... so if 2 of the could agree to go into a 4 bed room that would leave 4 couples and 4 twin rooms.... x

Ps... we have only booked a room for 2016 as Daz has a knee operation due sometime in the next year and possibly may not be able to camp as he may still be on crutches x

We would like a twin room BUT obviously don't wanna step on the longer attendees toes or make anyone feel they need to drop out or go to the B&B. Eddie & Val I think should definitely have a twin every year for the reasons they have given but how about for the rest of us it put that if you have a twin room one year you can't have it the next,  to give someone else a chance ? For example if the 3 who are in the FCFS group (have excluded Eddie & Val). Then next year them 3 can't have a twin n the turn is given to whoever is first next year.... am I making sense ?  If we do need to go into a 4 bunk we would happily share with Adam & Lisa, the Scottish lot or Dooks & Fluffs.... purely as they're all pissheads like us ha ha.... Adam & Lisa did ask for us first mind ha ha x

General / Re: Spring Meet Check In
« on: 26 May 2015, 12:42:39 pm »
We were the very last to leave (even Moff n Tom had gone)....dawdled home, with a couple of stops for toilet/refreshment at Settle n Devil's. Arrived home safely around 4.30pm (yesterday...of course ha ha). Fab weekend and already booked/deposit sent for next year :) stay safe you lovely foccers x

£40.00 deposit paid... could we have a twin room for this one please?  x :kiss

We will definitely be back Moff. Will pop a deposit over to you soon x

See you all soon  :) and miss you to those that aren't going this year x

Hmmmm. ...Er... no not really ha ha.... we appear to be the only campers.... though I have told Shaun he can share the tent with Daz if he wants ha ha x :rollin :rollin :rollin

Are Daz & I the only mad ones ? Or is it that we're actually the sane ones ??

Pffffttttt. if that really needs any thought Midden n Ralphie, ask Daz, he'll be doing mine as per normal anyway :) x

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