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FZS600 Fazer / 98 vs 03
« on: 09 October 2021, 11:46:37 pm »
So during my build I keep coming up with differences between the boxeye and fixeye models. Not the obvious things like headlights fairings or tanks. More the BS little things like the switch gear plugs are different, the fuel pump plug is different, alternator plug is different, ignition plugs are different, hangers different, carb settings different. Seriously so many subtle changes that are under the surface!

*** Incidentally I don't intend on buying a new alternator to fit this 03 loom but if I put the connectors on female blades and slot them in does it matter the order? ***

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FZS600 Fazer / Carbs
« on: 18 September 2021, 06:02:33 pm »
Does anyone know for a fact if the internals of the boxeye/foxeye carbs are different?cheers

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FZS600 Fazer / Boz Boz Build 2.0
« on: 09 August 2021, 09:23:10 pm »
Hi all! I thought I'd catalogue how this bike build goes, hopefully it'll be as good of a bike as my last!

So currently I've got a piece of rust in bike form on a 99 plate frame, crap paint job and been left standing for too long but it starts... I've already bought a few bits they include a clean hpi 2003 frame with v5 in my name, this will get powder coated then ill transfer everything over. New old stock SS Micron headers and have a foxeye fairing and tank, the fairing is currently fitted to my soon to be sold vtr1000.

Plan is to transfer over everything to the fresh frame and make perfect slowly as I've too many projects and a house refurb to complete but this way I'll keep the missus happy!

Ideas for the new build is fit lighter wheels from an R1 and and R1 2008 USD front end which I've already got and have fit to my previous FZR1000 and current VTR. Powder coat everything eventually and get it wrapped or sprayed maybe matt black.

Current issues I've found:
Tank fuel overflow blocked, now fixed as its left outside in the rain!
Clutch cable was rock solid but now is supper loose and not disengaging the clutch -any ideas welcome! Clutch cable operates the bottom mechanical arm.
Coolant smells and is a bit foamy when bike running again ideas anyone?
Cylinders all run but 1/2 hot with 4 cokder and 3 coldest. Maybe need balance/ clean out. Idle is ok.
Haven't drained oil yet, hoping its not milkshake! Was going to do compression test first, is there a tester on ebay known to work on the spark thread that is reliable?

Jobs this week are to get frame powder coated and hopefully start the strip down. Pics to follow!

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For Sale & Wanted / Fazer 600 for sale or breaking
« on: 06 June 2015, 11:27:05 am »
2002 fzs600 fully rebuilt  HPI clean and now selling or breaking with less than 500miles since the rebuild fresh MOT. Dropped it whilst backing it down my drive, broke my heart so have made the decision to sell -Need to raise money for a deposit so keeping my fzr1000 only

Specs are:

Satin black Powder coated frame, front fairing mount, swingarm, wheels, yokes anything metal. Maganeise engine casings, fork lowers and hangers (look at the pictures nice colour).

New Armstrong discs front and rear (£200)
New pilot road 3s front and rear tyres (£200)
New gold x ring chain with +1renthal rear sprocket and -1front renthal (£100)sprocket.
New rear hugger(£50)
New undertray/tail tidy(£50)
Blue iridium double bubble screen(£40)
Headlights fitted with projector lights and running at 5500k so nice and white not blue(£200)
Rebuilt front forks which had new stanchions at the start of last year(£150)
Wheels fully rebuilt and powder coated including sprocket carrier(£100)
Yamaha r6 rear shock and linkage (£200)
Lots of carbon bits yoke covers, clock cover tank cap(£30)
Blue stainless braided brake lines, can provide with new copper washers(£40)
Stainless exhaust system
Rebuilt front rear calipers with new pads(£50)
Fazer1000 rear blue spot caliper and torque arm(£50)
Blue titanium disc bolts front and rear(£25)

Damage is small scraps on the top faring and rear plastics no cracks
Exhaust is dented too. Right side casing scratched but hidden under fairing. Right bar end and lever scraped. Possibly the renthal handlebars bent but have not ridden it since.Lucky the fairing lowers were not fitted at the time!

Let me know if you are interested In parts or the bike as a whole, pm me or call/text 07703021767 with offers, please do keep them sensible tho! Prices in brackets are a rough guide to those who are after parts.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Integrated mirrors
« on: 01 December 2014, 08:17:51 pm »
Any one fitted integrated mirror/indicators to the fox eye model? If so got any good links to some? Cheers

FZS600 Fazer / Integrated mirrors
« on: 01 December 2014, 08:17:06 pm »
Any one fitted integrated mirror/indicators to the fox eye model? If so got any good links to some? Cheers

For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: fzs600 engine
« on: 11 November 2014, 03:43:49 pm »
Just wondering if anyone has a good fazer600 98-03 engine they no longer need? Let me know how much/location.  Cheers, ian

For Sale & Wanted / Freebies
« on: 15 September 2014, 08:09:52 pm »
I'm doing a clear out so have the following freebies to offer. Collection is best but I can post some items if I get beer tokens via PayPal.

So it is:

Complete fzs600 cylinder head including cams, rocker, shims valves (everything). One of the exhaust nut holes needs a repair/re tap/heli

2 fzs600 wheels 1xfront with ok tyre, 1x rear no tyre but wavy disc which needs work to get the nuts off. ****1st dibs red98****

Box of carbon exhausts +a stubby metal one, all damaged in some way but was looking to cut up and make stubby but not my style now I guess...

Box of various fzs600 bits. There's a rear brake that's working, full switch gear, couple of loud horns, working stator and wiring loom. All of a 99 model.

I can post pictures later but either way I'm not fussed, if you guys don't want them the metal man/dump can. Let me know via here or pm or both what you want.

COLLECTION FROM EYNSFORD, KENT. Near Sevenoaks/dartford. You can also text me on 07703021767, I can then call you or text back.

Oh yeah and I'm not going to hold on to this stuff so probably only have it for a week or two.....I must clear this garage!!!

For Sale & Wanted / For sale:Thundercat 600 front end
« on: 12 March 2014, 12:31:57 am »
Upgrade for the fazer 600 98-03. Forks straight no pitting, yokes straight have taper bearings fitted. Carbon look front fender with new oem fender rear. Use your fazer wheel or get a tcat wheel and slightly mod the speedo (ask punkstig). Collection ok from sevenoaks area or can deliver. Any offers?

For Sale & Wanted / Fzs600 Engine
« on: 28 February 2014, 04:48:39 pm »
Just testing the water to see if there will be interest.
Potentially up for sale a 1999 fazer 600 engine. Complete unit. It has the foxeye alternator fitted which helps with the foxeye mod! New clutch plates/springs 800miles ago which is also when a new cam chain was fitted and all valve clearances checked (all with in tolerances). The mileage is about 70k. No knocks, rattles and all gears select perfect!!! Can post a video of it running.
Now is there anyone who might be interested?

General / Oil lines
« on: 24 February 2014, 12:33:02 am »
Anyone know a good website for custom oil lines (like the braided type for brakes)? Or maybe someone local to south east who offers this service?
cheers, bozboz

FZS600 Fazer / NGK HT Caps
« on: 06 November 2013, 10:51:46 pm »
Anybody know the model name of the ngk spark caps for the fazer or have an ebay link to them?

I was thinking but they might not be long enough for middle cylinders?

Cheers, BozBoz

FZS600 Fazer / Green fazer -with mods
« on: 28 October 2013, 01:06:59 am »
Anyone seen that rather modded green fazer 600. Saw it a while ago online and now cant find the link-anyone got a link?

For Sale & Wanted / Givi Rack for Sale (boxeye)
« on: 18 September 2013, 07:12:19 pm »
For sale a GIVI monokey (m3) topbox rack. Good condition, selling as I now have the wingrack system. Looks like: Open to offers!
Also have a Large Givi maxia topbox which I no longer need, good condition, monokey fitment, few light marks, 1 key. Open to offers. Looks like:
Items located in kent near Dartford/Sevenoaks or can post. Pm or reply below

For Sale & Wanted / For Sale: Boxeye 600 DB screen
« on: 25 July 2013, 06:27:54 pm »
Double Bubble screen Dark/Black tint to fit 98-01 BOXEYE (mk1) Fazer 600. Good condition, no cracks, no major scratches just usual marks from riding/cleaning. Open to on the way!

FZS600 Fazer / Cam Chain Tool
« on: 17 July 2013, 03:31:57 pm »
Been trying to find an old post about a good tool for riveting a new cam chain -never needed one in the past I've been fortunate enough to have the guides on the 'outside' of bikes not slap down the middle! Anyway I've now given up with the search so what does everyone recommend?

For Sale & Wanted / Cam chain tool
« on: 17 July 2013, 01:54:59 pm »
Been trying to find an old post about a good tool for riveting a new cam chain -never needed one in the past I've been fortunate enough to have the guides on the 'outside' of bikes not slap down the middle! Anyway I've now given up with the search so what does everyone recommend?

FZS600 Fazer / The BozBoz Build
« on: 01 May 2013, 12:20:12 pm »
Hi everyone, been a while since I've posted on here properly. Alot has happened over the last month -mainly getting a job in a gym, so no more despatching on my turd fazer!(so no more corrugated plastic fairing with drain pipe mount!) :D :D :D
So given that I can start cycling to work soon I'm going to start my bike rebuild. Theres a number of problems that I need to address quickly and a few mods I'd like to do to make it a better ride. Oh and before anyone says buy a thou -I am still an all weather biker so I'd like to keep the 600 for the winter months even after I do get a fazer thou/fireblade/ducati/who knows!
Ive got a few mods to do too such as K&N, upgraded front/rear suspension, foxeye conversion, paintjob, light engine tune.... :evil
So current problems that need doing:
Engine oil 10k miles old!
Fuel leak from pump
Rear shock has dumped all its oil (mattress bike)
Cam chain maybe 1 click away now
Leaking front forks(replaced seals and new stancions fitted)
Sprocket bearing badly worn (new bearing waiting)(new one now fitted)
Headlight wiring has a ghost(the ghost is back....)
No radiator fan (Summers coming!)(fitted)
No main stand(meh...)
Bent front fairing brace(foxeye fitted)
Frankenstein fairing(in the bin replaced by foxeye fairing)
Exhaust can blowing round crap rivets(yeah....still blowing...)
Rev counter sticks on 5k
Fuel guage KIA
Overheating light shorts when wet!
Parts I have aquired so far:
Fazer thou rear shock (Now fitted with Hyper Pro spring)
Fazer foxeye tank (Fitted)
Fazer foxeye fairing & brace (fitted)
Fazer foxeye headlight & loom (fitted)
Thundercat forks/yokes/fender (watch this space!)
Fazer foxeye main loom
Foxeye clocks
Rad fan (fitted)
Silicone rad pipes(now fitted)
Ill probably do some of the more simple things now but cant do a full strip down yet as I'll be going to france soon for a bike trip to a number of the WW1 graves with my dad and his pristine BMW 1150! Also who wants to spend the summer rebuilding a bike to ride in the stinking winter!(been on the trip -awesome great memories and no break downs!!!)
Oh and finally -Christo I washed my bike and have the pics to prove it!!!

FZS600 Fazer / Fuel Pump
« on: 01 February 2013, 10:24:32 am »
I think my fuel pump is dead, no clicking, obvious signs of fuel starvation. Bike just spluttered and died on monday so I had a fiddle under the tank and  the bike starts and runs ok bypassing the pump but it needs a pump as flow alone isnt enough, splutters and dies if run too long, yestaurday I broke down in the blackwall tunnel(yes that was me...sorry! :o ) Ive been getting away with rocking/dry humping the bike and it whould fire back up but not in the tunnel(typical)! Has anyone got a spare in the dartford area? Or do you think it might be a relay issue? Ringing around breakers atm.

FZS600 Fazer / Handlebar muffs
« on: 25 October 2012, 04:57:17 pm »
Handlebar muffs: whos got them? Which ones work well with the fazer(and its fairing)? Which ones are recommended?

I'm looking at Tucano Urbano ones at the moment as I've used them in the past and they are great but I think they will be too big for a semi faired bike.

Any advice/recommendations will be appreciated!

Cheers, BozBoz  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Givi Rack manual/instructions
« on: 24 October 2012, 06:57:21 pm »
Does anyone have an image/link of the givi monokey rack for the fazer that I can see? Or anyone near sevenoaks that I can go have a look at one?
Cheers, BozBoz  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Any couriers here?
« on: 24 October 2012, 01:54:01 pm »
I need to go back to despatching due to lack of money and mounting bills! :'(  Just wondering if theres any fazer couriers here that might know a cheap company to insure the fazer with. My existing company as well as most offer quotes I've had are over a grand! Bit of a shock considering the most I've had to pay was 800 when I was I new courier over 3 years ago, cheapest Ive had was 300 on a ntv650 so I doubt its beacause of engine size!? Any suggestions?
Cheers, BozBoz  :)

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