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For Sale & Wanted / WANTED fzs600 radiator in working condition
« on: 27 April 2019, 05:28:50 pm »
Hi all

After my thread about the broken radiator pipe my attempt to fix it with JB Weld was not successful once the bike heated up. I am now therefore looking for a replacement radiator for the bike which is a year 2000 fzs600. Let me know if you have anything!

Morning all

Was stripping the radiator off the bike to get access to the front of the engine and GODAMMIT one of the small aluminium pipes that comes out of the thing came off. It came off really easily and I can see why- its only a push fit into the rad itself- and with the length of pipe the leverage must have been too much.

As the rest of the radiator is in very good good nick (its the original radiator)[size=78%], I'm willing to go down the repair route for this. Now I have used a metalwork shop before for alu welding and I'm thinking this may lend itself to this as opposed to me having a shot with JB weld on the thing.

Has anyone else had a similar issue before?

Cheers in advance![/size]

Looking for a double bubble screen and a stainless radiator guard to fit a year 2000 600 fazer boxeye

Message me or post here. Based in Edinburgh. Cheers !

FZS600 Fazer / Exhaust stud removal- should I attempt it????
« on: 08 August 2018, 10:57:50 pm »
Hi All

My exhaust studs are rusty. The front on the engine could be doing with a bit of TLC and repainting. I'd like to deal with both, but as the bike is running well as is, I wonder if I start on doing these taks I'm opening a can of worms and potentially an engine needing removed in order to remove snapped studs.  Pics:

The middle two sets of studs are more rusted.

I really like the bike.

And yes, whoever mounted them overtightened the studs so that the plates holding the headers on are bent!! Some folk eh! :-s

What would you do?


Due to a change in plan, I have a mint condition FZS1000 rear shock for sale- bought off Pete from here- just want what I paid for it back so £50 posted would be grand. Based in Edinburgh if collecting. Cheers!!

Here is the original advert:

  • Original FZS1000 rear shock for sale from a 2002 bike (will fit 2001 to 2005 models) The shock was removed at about 7500 miles and replaced with a Nitron shock (the Nitron shock was an improvement on the original but at over £400 it should have been!)
    The shock is in excellent condition with no corrosion and has been sat at the back of my garage boxed up for years. Looking for £45 if collected from Stafford area (ST19 post code area) For an extra £10 will post it to mainland UK - Cheers Pete

For sale brand new unused Motea engine bars for FZS600 1998-2003 £60 posted These ones Also will chuck in a free unused hiflo air filter for the same bike fitment after I discovered my bike has a k&n filter in it already! worth £15


Finally got my new bike!!! Yay! It came with some hard luggage and mounts which I will not need so putting these up for sale to fund general maintenance and suspension mods.

Genuine KAPPA left and right hard case panniers along with all mounts. The brackets show points of surface rusting in places but a quick rub down and spray would do the job- they are not heavily corroded. The system is very neat and mounts/dismounts in a very slick fashion-I was impressed. Both cases are lockable and come with 2 spare keys matching lock barrels (ie same key does both cases). Take up to 10KG max each according to the label. If I have time I will prep these brackets etc so that the rust is treated.

The previous owner also had the top box, the bracket mount has fixings for a plate for this but this has been lost/misplaced, but means in future you could add to this set up.

£80 pounds, a bit more for postage. Based in Edinburgh.

Hi All

Looking at options to replace the coolant hoses on the new to me bike. I searched and saw a thread about a group buy but i think it fell through. Has anyone come across any reasonably priced radiator hoses to suit? My soon to be bike is a 2000 FZS600 SP

Cheers in advance!

Hi All

Another day closer to getting my FZS600!!

Its a yr 2000 Boxeye that has had the double headlight mod done on it, but even then I know that the lighting is not the best on these models. It will be fitted with engine bars and this will provide a handy mounting point for some auxilliary lighting. I was thinking of some 12v LED spotlights (have some for my MTB for nighttime riding and they are pretty decent) and just wondered it

A. anyone else had done this
B. What cheap Chinese LED lights they would recommend?

Or alternatively could install a HID kit to the bike.

Open to your experiences and suggestions!



Introduction / Hi folks! Back on the Fazer600 roundabout again!
« on: 28 March 2018, 03:45:48 pm »
Hi All

After having a Fzs600 as my first big bike, and having a few inbetween, I find myself almost in possession of another one, this time a 2000 FZS600 SP from a friend who is unable to ride at the moment due to family commitments!!....
Here she is! Needs an MOT,full service and a bit of TLC after having been lying in a garage for years (only 1200 miles in the last 5 years!) Started on the button tho, so that is a good sign!

Hi All

Looking at getting the R6 shock and associated hardware, along with linear spring for the front forks (80kg rider) for a year 2000 fzs600

Anything lying around you want to sell?



For Sale & Wanted / WTD- rear grab handle for FZS600 2000
« on: 21 March 2018, 07:26:51 am »
Hi All

Looking for a rear grab handle for a FZS600 boxeye- anything? I know there are 2 types- tubular and a more solid one- pref the solid one


Hi All

Very close to getting my (new to me) yr 2000 Fazer FZS600S!! Yippee! So far I have new tyres for it (BT-023), sprayed the rear wheel and ti bolts for the rear rotor. :-)

The only thing is it does not have a rear hugger. In our lovely climate I think this is essential and therefore I am on the hunt for one.  A popuar auction site has a 2002-3 rear hugger for good money on it but I know there are differences between the mounting points between this and my model. The question is can I mod the 2002/3 one to fit my version? Has anyone done this?

Cheers in advance!

Hi All

Back on the fazer bandwagon again- after 9 years since owning my last 1999 FZS600!

Just about to acquire a Y2K FZS600SA with only 20.5K miles on the clock. Now the tyres on the bike are a few years old (6+ easy) and I was wondering at what sort of age you would consider replacing tyres that have not had a lot of use?

I have a 120/60/17 PR3 front unused tyre in the garage that I could fit on, but i know this is a slightly wider profile than standard spec and will in theory fit. So, this is a possible option.

Your opinions would be gratefully received!


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