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Introduction / Returning After A Big Move
« on: 28 February 2015, 02:40:36 pm »
Hi All!

Haven't been on here for a long time! id like to say that its because i've been too busy riding but that's not the whole case!

just to re introduce myself...
(in a blind date stylie)

Hello *waves*
I'm Tonie, female biker, 27 and recently moved to Elstree in Herts....

I left my whole biking family behind and now have no one to go out to play with!

If anyone is in the area and fancies baby sitting me that would be super  :D

General / RIP Fellow Foccer
« on: 28 August 2013, 08:55:45 pm »
Just wanted to pay my respects to a fellow Foccer on here....
He was a personal Friend too and we had many a mad rides out...
unfortunately the fortunes of the bike gods took him from us 2 weeks ago while he was touring in France with another friend....
The downside to the life we all lead, Unfortunately the fight between an over taking bike and a lorry pulling out without looking always ends bad for us bikers....
His funeral is Friday here in the UK..... he was a brilliant lad with much respect for the biking world and the power behind his bike..... I know he would have died doing something he loved.....
RIP Louis... I hope you still ride with us.....

For Sale & Wanted / WANTED!!! caps that fit on the FRAME
« on: 12 April 2013, 10:39:04 pm »
hey if anyone is breaking a bike im after one of the black caps that fit over a hole on the frame...
its on the central part that comes up next to the engine?
circular black cap thats about 1.5-2 inches?

For Sale & Wanted / Exhaust For Sale
« on: 20 March 2013, 05:26:01 pm »
Got an old Standard FZS exhaust in the shed for sale.....
not in bad nick, came off a friends old bike after he changed his exhaust system
99' model, end can and link pipe (no down pipes) can put a picture on on a bit if you're interested.
£50 ONO 
would be pick up only though, in wolverhampton (west midlands)
Cheers me dears!

General / New helmets fit for a bluetooth???
« on: 19 March 2013, 03:18:56 pm »
hey folks....
have just recently purchased some bluetooth  headsets which are brilliant..... but..... they dont fit in the helmets very well....
any one got any experience with helmets and aftermarket bluetooth sets? Am thinking of getting a couple of new helmets? poss Caberg or Shark?
Ideas people please???

FZS600 Fazer / Front Fork Respray.......
« on: 30 January 2013, 08:24:54 pm »
hey guys&gals,
i know some of you do your own mods etc, just wondering what sort of paint/primer/laquer is best to use on the lower half of my forks?
i want to go gloss black so can someone talk me through the process???
thank you!

General / looking for new bolts etc??
« on: 03 July 2012, 06:06:57 pm »
i have recently had some bad luck with my engine bolts with many of them snapping when i have been trying to either remove or re-tighten them.....
well as a quick fix i found a seller on EvilBay .... they came within 24hours and they sent me extra to make sure...
all stainless steel and silver and Amazing quality... They look much better on the bike and cost half the price of anything else ive after measuring up all the bolts i have just put an order in and got all the bolts for the bike engine....
so if you are after any bolts or nuts or just fancy a browse etc.... this is the seller...
hope it works!

FZS600 Fazer / broken bleed nipple?
« on: 01 July 2012, 04:34:47 pm »
Hey, dreaded thing happened and bleed nipple snapped while trying to bleed the rear brake... still air in there so only have 20% braking on rear...
anyways so my main problem is the numpty who had this bike before has put aluminium EVERYTHING and you only have to look at the bolts and they snap... Need the sizes of the bleed nipples and any of the casing bolts?
more so the bleed nipples as i need these replaced ASAP!
Cheers Guys

General / MOTO GP - SILVERSTONE ! ! !
« on: 25 May 2012, 10:38:04 am »
Whos going?
a few of us will be going in the car( :'( ) as we are camping and going on the thursday for the full weekend!

FZS600 Fazer / Something Oily Leaking From Alternator Area????
« on: 01 April 2012, 08:38:53 pm »
Been to the Wirral Egg Run today which is a fair old jaunt for us in the midlands.....
but when i got back i noticed an oily patch on the floor?
i also then noticed it was all over the left side of the bike and my left boot?
Any ideas where is from or what it could be?
p.s. ive also noticed since that there is a oily patch in the shed after a closer inspection so i expect its been going for a while  :'(

FZS600 Fazer / In Desperate need of help starting up!
« on: 27 February 2012, 05:32:24 pm »
Hey guys, the last few times ive been out for a ride ive been finding that the bike wont start, luckily ive been out with friends so all able to give me a push!
the problem is its making this funny noise, ive had new batteries and all the electrics are working.... anyways ive found this short video on YOUTUBE and this is exactly what it sounds like although it isnt my bike.....
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

General / Luggage width advice
« on: 30 January 2012, 03:08:18 pm »
just wanted to know if there is a legal limit to how wide you can have your luggage panniers?
i know general rule is about the same as your mirrors but i have the missus on the back and cant use the seat so have to go out a little wider?
The weight of it all is fine just need to know im not going to get pulled or told off etc?
i'll add pictures in a second post as they wont add properly  :\

General / If they miss this ........
« on: 19 January 2012, 02:55:47 pm »

if you are out there then hey! i was behind you last week coming off the M6?

FZS600 Fazer / Dropped It! Help with repair advice please!
« on: 11 January 2012, 05:50:49 pm »
Hi all..... well ive done something stupid....
I usually have to ride the bike into the Shed as its a steep slope in and out, last night i had to push it as the battery needed charging and couldnt get it to start, so built up my speed got the front tire up and the back one just didnt have enough momentum.......
it fell to the off side and into my BBQ, not being able to see in the dark i had to leave it till this afternoon
upon inspection ive found the it seems to have sliced the top (just on the inside) where i believe there had been a repair made (a very good repair) a few years back?
Any Advice on how to stick it all back together and paint it back up?
couldnt get any pics due to it being dark again but if you want them i'll grab some tomorrow?!

General / Christmas Presents For Your Bike?!
« on: 26 December 2011, 06:39:54 pm »
So! Merry Christmas and Boxing Day to all.
what did Santa bring you all nice for your bikes?
My lovely missus finally got me my colour coded screen bolts... only something simple but something i never seem to remember to pick up.....
hopefully next year i'll manage to get a nice shiney new bike  :lol
What you got nice in your stockings then? :evil

General / Birmingham-LandsEnd-Lowestoft in 16hrs?
« on: 18 December 2011, 09:49:44 pm »
hey guys, any tips on trying to organise a charity ride out next summer?
not sure if it has been done before but i am looking to go from wolverhapton (in the midlands) down to Lands End, Acroos to Lowestoft and back up to the start point in under 16hours....
its works out to around 900mile which could be possible in daylight during Summer solstice???
any tips pls?!?!

General / Usernames
« on: 19 November 2011, 11:10:29 pm »
Hey, can someone from Admin tell me how i could change my username?
i didnt think i'd use it this musch when i first registered but im on here almost every day.
If it could be done arranged please let me know!
many thank yous  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Strange Noise After The Chain Was Adjusted! HELP !!!
« on: 10 November 2011, 08:43:57 am »
Hello Hello Hello....... Me AGAIN !  :)
This bike seems to be giving me more problems then ever now!
one of my "yeye i can fix that" mates advised me that my chain was slack and needed tightening... so after much struggle of every nut, bolt and toggle being "far too tight" he ended up taking the rear spindle out and taking the adjusters out as they were filthy and almost impossible to move...
So far we were going ok, he put the spindle back in and adjusted the chain etc so its matching both sides of the swing arms etc etc etc..... soooo the problem......
I left to ride home, (a 40min journey that actually took 2hours) and i noticed the problem.
The Knocking..... it felt a bit like my rear wheel was about to fall off. when i got back it was pitch black but had another little look and it still seems to be aligned....
Any ideas of what i can do? i know im due for a new chain and sprocket but would this cause the knocking?
its a slow speeds as well as fast (although i didnt get about 40mph due to traffic)
Also i have just looked and noticed a few rust spots on the chain.
so please please please! help!

General / Battery Charger Advice please.....
« on: 08 November 2011, 02:20:10 am »
Hey Foccers,
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if this here device would be able (or suitable) for charging a bike battery?
I have one already and use it to Charge LiPo batteries that fire high powered guns but wondered if it would do the job on a spare bike battery?
(i hope the link works properly!)  :\

General / Any Other Women Have This Problem?
« on: 26 October 2011, 02:03:46 pm »
Ive been from garage to garage to get a simple problem sorted yet they all seem to talk to me like im a complete imp?!?!
they are like well have u done this... or that.... er yes hense the reason i am coming to you...
I know what is wrong i just dont know how to fix it....
and after 2 different garages and another one right now seeming to be taking me for a fool i seem to have given up any hope of getting my wheels balanced properly!
RANT OVER ......... :o

FZS600 Fazer / Which Oil Is Best?
« on: 25 October 2011, 09:01:26 am »
Hi, A Mechanic Friend is doing a service for me but he has asked me to get my oil and kit etc.
Just wondered what oil people use and which one will be best for me? Its never had a big service and has done about 24,000 so want to complete oil change etc?!
Any advice will be greatfully recieved!

FZS600 Fazer / Wobble Wobble Wobble!
« on: 30 September 2011, 04:15:50 pm »
hey guys (and gals)
 ive recently had a new tire fitted in my bike but today when i was riding around 50mph i took my hands off to adjust my glove  :evil and it began to wobble?! :eek
it had felt a little weird as id leant it around bends? other then fitting a new tire, of which caused the problem in the first place,i have no idea of what to do, its kinda made me not want to ride it a little as i dont feel i can fully trust it?!
Any advice with be gratefully recieved!

Introduction / Not Many Girls Around Here :/
« on: 28 September 2011, 11:39:56 am »
hey all!
im Tonie, 23 and been riding 3 months, (wow jeeeeeze sounds like a dating website)
hope you're all ok anyways, i may be asking really stupid and Random questions but i want to know everything i can about my bike (FZS600 '99)
Thank Yooouuuuu!    :)

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