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Introduction / Born again…
« on: 07 January 2018, 01:56:09 pm »
Finally found time to introduce myself…

Hi.. I’m Gee, a 50+ “born again biker” based in West York’s… I started riding back in ’80 on a Yammy DT 100, progressed to an RD250 DX around ’84… had a break until ’88 ish, then a Honda CB900 FA until about ‘90/91 and in Sept last yr ('17), after a couple of years thinking... bought my latest... a 2001 FZS 600 boxeye on a 'Y' plate with just short of 39,000 on the clock, I mainly use her for commuting to work but I like the idea of doing a bit of touring around the UK (passport’s expired so as of yet Europe’s out).
She was kitted out with a pair of Michelin Pilot Road, a Delkavic 350 Oval can (minus baffle), rear hugger, ‘Cumfy’ saddle (not…), heated grips, smoked Dbl bubble screen, smoked tail light lens, clear ‘mod look’ indicator lenses and a chrome radiator grill.

I’ve since fitted a set of Hel race brake hoses all round, done the headlight mod to get twin high beam (instructions found this forum… thnx go to Moffmeister + John Silva for the re-post), removed the shield from the L/H reflector, fitted “90%” brighter Halfords bulbs (can actually see in the dark now) then bought and fitted a baffle for the can to save complaints about the daily 6am warm ups… now removed… sounds better & feels a little “perkier”.

In the near future I plan to fit a fender extender, K&N (if not fitted) and a pair of Renthal 758’s… of which I’ve read mixed reviews regarding the loss of full lock or not… will know after fitting, may need some raisers… also thinking about a switched USB charge/power point, Sat-Nav (old phone or tablet), Givi topbox and possibly a tank bag for the touring/wk ends off… a “Blue Spot” rear calliper and belly pan would be nice, but I fear the cost will put a stop to that.
Going to nurse her through to 41,000 (on 40,200 now) give her a 6K service/health check then see what the future holds…

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