Date: 19-05-24  Time: 09:05 am

* Dude where's my postcount?

When you join your postcount will be 0. To transfer your postcount from Yuku please post a message to Admin here.

What's that number after 'Media'?

On the menu item 'Media' is our gallery, and the number shows how many items you have 'unseen'.
To get rid of it highlight the Media menu item and click 'Unseen'. When that screen loads click the button 'Mark all as seen'.
Now whenever someone adds an item to the gallery a number will reappear and you will be able to see only the new items, by choosing 'Unseen'.

Why is my postcount not rising?

Two explanations:- (1) some boards do not count towards your postcount e.g. the Laboratory.
(2) When you look at your posts they all have the same postcount number by them. This is not because your postcount has got stuck, it's just the way this board works is different to our old board.
On Yuku, your first post will always be marked number 1, your 2,862nd post will always be marked 2,862.
However, on this and indeed most messageboards, all of your posts show your current postcount, so both your first and 2,862nd posts will show 2,862. And when you post again they will both show 2,863.

Where's the preview?

When you hit the preview button nothing happens! This is because the preview is placed above your typing and it is very easy to miss.
So type a message, hit preview and scroll up :thumbup