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This bike is no longer for sale here - too many time wasters.

Mods may delete as required.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Rusted now rounding bolt on powervalve
« on: 14 May 2018, 06:59:08 PM »
Hi Guys

I'm a bit concerned about the bolt holding the powervalve cover in place on my bike.

Last year I had problems with the YPVS fault 'code' appearing on my tacho - so I adjusted it and lubed everything up, went pretty well. I had to renew the pulley because it was in really shit state - and I mean that - worst working part I've seen on any running bike. I wanted to take the cover off and check the actual valve flap operation and clean if ness, but this one bolt head was rusty and the bolt started rounding - it was crazily overtorqued. I left it, rather than cause damage that would affect the valve access. Was hoping a friend would sort it for me, but so far it hasn't happened.

After the error code started appearing again recently (sorted now, though, with tightening of the cables) I really want to get inside that valve housing and check it over.

Would I be okay just cutting a slot into the bolt head and using a large screwdriver to unscrew it (my usual method) or is it a really long one that would be difficult to remove this way? Really don't want to end up having to drill it.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Handlebars - again!
« on: 09 May 2018, 10:24:40 AM »
G'mornin' chathpth!

After my recent worries about my Fazer and whether it was the right bike, if the handlebars were wrong for me, etc etc, I had a ride down to Stamford and back t'other day (with Mrs on the back for 1st time since about 2 years when we got knocked off it - YUSSS!) and it was the best ride I've had in months.

Apart from two things. 1 - I dropped my £320 designer varifocals somehwre along the way  :'(

2 - the right bar was vibrating so badly, my arm was almost completely numb before we'd got half way (it's about 38 miles).

If it weren't for the numbness, I'd have been well chuffed. I've had a read of old posts here and on other biking sites, but nothing really stands out that I can do myself to try and get it at least improved, if not sorted. I have a roll of thin, sheet lead that I could feed into the end(s) of the bar, and I could look at heavier bar ends as the ones I'm using are very light. I'm not convinced either of those will do it, though.
The vibes are very subtle - I don't actually notice them unless I look in the mirrors - left = clear, right = fuzzytown.

Thing is, I have a tube cutter on the way, as I was planning to take an inch or so off the ends of the bars to try and make them more comfy (I've had issues with pain in my hands, which was why all the bar modding palaver started). Now I'm worried that making them shorter will worsen the vibes. I mean, I can't exactly stick the inch back on if it does, can I? And I'm not well off enough to keep buying replacement bits.

So what d'ya fink? Shorter = vibier or worth a shot?


Bars are 758

NB: A good point I should have made - I didn't have these vibes before my winter lay-up and both I and my mechanic have adjusted them (in position only) since.

Front page / Whatever Happened to CH Biggadike?
« on: 17 April 2018, 09:22:38 AM »
This used to be my nearest Yamaha dealer and one of the decreasing number of "family run" businesses in the area.

It was located on Westlode Street in Spalding. I'd not been there for a number of years, as I enjoyed the rides to Webb's at Eye/Peterbohorror and they have a good burger stand and community visiting at weekends, as well as all the other biking gubbins they have on display, besides bikes.

Last Sunday I decided to head over to Biggadike's and see what they have in stock, but found an empty building. According to Google, Yell and all the other internet references the place is still there and still in business, but this is obviously not the case.

Anyone know what happened to the business - have they moved or closed down permanently? I hope not - they are, or were, actually the closest Yamaha dealership (maybe Webb took the local franchise when they opened the Eye showroom?). Okay, Peterbog is not that far away - about 35 miles - but I have to admit, I'm very disappointed at the rapid decline of motorbike dealers in the area. Especially the local, family and friendly types that you could pop into for a cup of tea and a good chat about your favourite passtime.

For Sale & Wanted / Fazer handlebar swapsies?
« on: 15 April 2018, 03:36:48 PM »
Got Renthal 758 bars and would like the mediums - anyone got the mediums and want the ultra low?

Bought mine about a year or so ago, but have only been out about half a dozen times, so they are pretty much new condition. Didn't put the grip stay hole in them.


They are great bars but I have difficulty with my hands - I actually find my right arm goes to sleep on even short journeys and I feel a lot more comfy sat more upright (but that's no good for fun speeds).

Anyone want a swap? Otherwise they will be for sale, cos I don't want to use raisers. As can be seen in the pics, I've rotated them backwards a bit to make them a little closer, but they are just too low for me. I was happy when I bought them, but my body bits are getting more buggered with age.

So if ya want to buy the 758s, sensible offers would be considered.

For Sale & Wanted / Fazer 1000 replacement advice
« on: 25 August 2017, 09:40:18 PM »
Hi Guys and Gals.

I've had my gen 1 Fazer thou for about 3 years now, and I think it's the best bike I have had. The problem is that I am getting on a bit, and I have bad osteo-arthritis in my knees, as well as a double slipped disc. Being sat on a bike is one of the most comfy places for me to be - but off the bike (i.e. pushing/parking and getting on/off it) is something of a nightmare, even though it's the only bike I've had that I haven't dropped when getting off it.

So I will very reluctantly soon be advertising it here for sale - or exchange. The problem is, I don't know what to replace it with. Preferably a bit lighter, or weight a bit lower. Lower seat would be good. I'm into retro stuff - loved my old Zephyr 750 and do like the old Bandits, but I have zero idea about recent bikes - i.e. the last ten year's worth. I really dislike the styling of modern bikes, with stubby rear ends and poxy pillion pads.

I can't think of anything that would be a good replacement, so I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas. I don't know about a 600 Fazer - looks like the weight is quite high on them. I would really prefer a larger engine - 750 or up. I like to slot it in gear and be able to leave it there for long periods (a la Zephyr - or Fazer thou, :)  ). It can't be too new - cos I don't have much cash. I can go investigating any suggestions and maybe we can come up with a suitable alternative together :)


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Battery Voltage
« on: 10 May 2017, 06:59:29 PM »
Having had some issues with finding my battery not able to start the bike after just 7-10 days not being ridden, I decided to do some tests.

I took it off the bike and charged it up with a decent trickle charger. After charging (in the evening) the voltage was 12.47 - in the morning it was 12.31V

I charged it through the day each day for 3 days and every day the voltages were pretty much the same in the evening after unplugging the charger, and in the morning.

I then left it for 3 days and measured the voltage each morning. The voltages were 12.31 then 12.28 and finally 12.26 this morning.

When I put it on the bike, it started without hesitation. I switched it off and restarted several times and each time no problem. I then went for a 20 mile ride, at speed, and measured the voltage - 12.42V

From a voltage point of view, is this okay?

Of course, I will monitor the voltage over the next days to see how much it drops with the bike not being ridden, but if it is not enough (it does seem a little low to me) already, then I might as well just get a new one. This battery is a Motobatt and is 2 years old.

Thanks for any help.

For Sale & Wanted / EXUP pulley wanted (RESOLVED)
« on: 25 April 2017, 02:15:49 PM »
For my 04 Fazer thou.

I understand the R1 is the same. A used one in useable nick would be nice

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / EXUP Pulley knackered!
« on: 25 April 2017, 01:56:52 PM »
I was gobsmacked when I took the cover off today, to give the EXUP a servicing:

How the hell that happened, I've no idea. My mechanic friend adjusted it for me before my MOT and I'm sure he would have said if he had seen it was broken - and I had a look at the time, and I'm sure I would have noticed, too. Weird. The cables were extremely loose - the lower one fell off the pulley when I touched it.

Anyway, I'm guessing my only option is going to be to source one through my friendly local dealer (if he can get one). I use the official dealer in Norwich for my bits, though he isn't the closest. I'll give him a bell.

Right bugger, though!

Also, I had problems trying to set the cables. I used the guides on Pat's page, but I found the free play difficult to assess.

If anyone knows any other source of these (apart from the Nutty Professor), I'd be grateful.  :)

EDIT: £36.89 from Sutton! Yikes!

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / EXUP error issue
« on: 29 March 2017, 10:13:47 AM »
Hullo chaps and chapesses,

Having locked my baby away for the winter - too much salt around these parts - on my second ride after the thaw, the rev counter started doing the EXUP dance. I didn't notice any issues, so I took it to my very experienced mechanic friend, who gave it a good once over and lubed it up. The fault indication disappeared. Even though nothing was visibly wrong in the first place.

Yesterday I took it for its MOT (just 2-3 miles away) and on the way home, the rev counter started doing the 7,000 thing again. Bike still feels just fine, though.

Any ideas?


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Choke is stuck (sorted)
« on: 05 October 2016, 01:36:33 PM »
Hi Peeps,

I have a new issue with the bike, with the choke. After I replaced the handlebars the choke lever was a little stiff and only opened halfway. I assumed it was just stretched a bit, as the bars are a little wider, but now have found that it barely moves at all, such that I can't start the bike.

I took off the left hand cluster and tried pulling directly on the choke cable to test it, but it won't budge. I was about to order a replacement cable (easier than lubing) when I thought I'd just check it at the carb end and found that it won't move there, either.

Unfortunately, the Haynes manual doesn't give much info or diagrams about the choke, but I'm pretty sure I understand how it is supposed to move - doesn't look too hard, but I cant move it in any way. Tried with my fingers, then a screwdriver. Soaked it in WD40, left it for a few hours but still no worky.

Any suggestions would be welcome, if it means I don't have to dismantle the lot and clean it all up and reassemble. I've already had so much work to do on the bike this year, I really don't want to have to start pulling it to bits yet again, at least not before next year.  :'(

EDIT: Okay, it's sorted - was jammed solid with crud - sorted with a dismantling and clean up. Unfortunately no option to delete the post.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Radiator Fan woes
« on: 12 August 2016, 03:52:39 PM »
'ey up!

I just had my radiator repaired, as it had sprung 3 holes due to "fan rubbing".

The holes were apparently caused by the fan shroud rubbing against the cross pipes - but I don't really see how, as the fan was well solidly attached.

Is this a known phenomenon (there's a big word!) or am I just unlucky? After I bought the bike, I found some radiator repair putty under the seat, and I'm wondering if maybe a previous repair had fallen out, because I really can't see how the fan shroud could have done this. Vibration? Maybe - but to the extent of wearing holes through the radiator? I would think that unlikely.

So I'm totally kerfuffled!  :crazy

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Repaired and Reinforced my Inner Panels
« on: 09 August 2016, 02:48:37 PM »
I used a couple of these rods through my normal glue gun  - did an excellent job of repairing a very much enlarged, broken mounting hole, and reinforced two further cracks, after glueing together.

For the enlarged hole, I used the stuff to glue a small (credit-card sized) sheet of plastic behind the panel, then filled the hole area, before redrilling once set. It sets well hard enough for the job.

A lot cheaper than buying new panels.

oh - ignore the 1 star review - obviously didn't know what he was doing. I just gave it 5.

For Sale & Wanted / FZS1000 Radiator wanted (sorted)
« on: 04 August 2016, 10:23:12 AM »
Mine has been well holed, despite the flashy guard!  :'(

Mind you, I found some radiator repair putty under the seat, so maybe a previous repair has fallen out - in any case, I really need a replacement and I really can't afford more than about a hundred quid  :(

Otherwise I'm going to be stuck in the wife's mini-Peugeot for the foreseeable, and my back just couldn't take that!

Saw one on ebay last week for £85 (before I knew it was deffo the rad gone) and made an account specially to buy it - but it is gone already and can't find another one on there.

Ever seen a grown man cry?

I can pay by Paypal or CoD or whatever, and of course, that covers delivery etc (which I can arrange, including collection from you) if it's too far for collection in the jalopy.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Handlebars
« on: 04 May 2016, 01:31:05 PM »
My new bars are due to arrive, after a wee prang on Saturday bent the 'old' ones.

I've ridden Fazers before I bought this one - and they were very comfy in all ways. With my current bike, I'd been finding the hand position pretty uncomfy and often got cramp and/or bad aches, so I was looking at changing the bars anyway.

I decided to go for the much-vaunted Renthal 758's, though the ones at Demon Tweeks don't actually say they are 758's - they do come up in a search and are described as "
Renthal Superbike Ultra Low Bars Grey".

Anyway, going off the point here (I'm getting on a bit). I'm wondering if my current bars are standard or not - and if the ones on the last Fazer I rode were 758's.

I've taken photo's and they are very different (as attached). The top one is the current, now very bent ones, and the bottom ones are the much more comfy ones - clearly a little more straight, and longer.

Can anyone tell me at best guess?

Thanks :)

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Clutch cable adjustment
« on: 28 February 2016, 09:40:42 AM »
I've just put a new cable onto my Gen1 Fazer, but the settings in the service manual seem way too slack.

The free play is shown as 10-15mm. Once I'd got everything on and slack taken up, I had 9mm at the lever. At this point I tested the bike on the centrestand.

In neutral the wheel is spinning pretty fast - it does stop with a finger. In 1st gear, it spins a hell of a lot faster, with the clutch lever pulled all the way in. In 2nd it carries on at the same sort of speed, but still stops with a finger pressure - and spins up again immediately I let it.

I slackened the cable off a couple of mm but it made no difference (and why would it, when the cable is completely slack?).

Is it normal to have this amount of wheel spin both in neutral and in gear, with the clutch lever in?

It's been clunky since I got it, and I assumed this was normal, as apart from a stiff lever (which I now know was due to a cacked-up cable) there have been no big issues with it.

It's getting a 48,000 service next month, so I'm not massively concerned as I'm sure they will adjust it correctly, but it is a little worrying, nevertheless.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Anyone 3D printed parts?
« on: 23 February 2016, 02:16:07 PM »
I'm just looking at ordering an inner panel for the fairing from the US (£25-ish plus delivery) when I suddenly had a brain wave (or fart, depending on your point of view...).

Surely it would be possible to 3D print these?

I know a couple of guys from flight sim forums who make 3D printed home cockpit parts and joystick bits - so I'll ask them.

Anyone here tried it?

Introduction / LO all
« on: 20 February 2016, 03:03:44 PM »
Hello chaps (and ladies)

I'm a fairly new Fazer Gen 1 owner. I really like it, but I am a disabled rider and I do lack a bit of confidence, due to not being able to ride as much as I would like (about once a week, but sometimes have to go a few weeks without). I'm hoping to get out on it more as the weather improves - I'm getting jittery on junctions and so on in town in the icy cold and/or wet. This is new, as I've been riding for 20 years and never had confidence issues before, but my state of health is not going to get any better (the opposite) so that is probably playing a part now, too.

Anyway, I found these forums in my search for info on the upcoming big service my bike is due - it's done 46,200 miles and as far as I know, hasn't been serviced for a very long time. I used to do my own, but due to aforementioned difficulties it's just not possible now. Apart from a heavy clutch (really makes my left hand ache in traffic) there doesn't seem to be anything much wrong with it.

I've been struggling with gear changes (up only) of late - but I think that may be more due to some new boots I bought, being abit of the soft side.

So, I need to get the big service done, and I'm very keen to have the Ivan's carb mod done as well. I do have a qualified mechanic friend with his own workshop, but unfortunately, he's not the most reliable and was supposed to service it when he had time around christmas, but he never did :(  That's happened with a few previous bikes - I should have learnt my lesson, but he's a gem when something goes wrong, though. I'm intending to get it done at Webbs of Peterborough - not the cheapest by any stretch, but at least I think I can trust them to do  good job.

Anyway - long intro, sorry  :z - but that the sitrep.  :D

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