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Author Topic: M.O.Ts at last  (Read 825 times)

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M.O.Ts at last
« on: 04 March 2024, 11:10:42 am »

It had to come,  having lived here  for 20 years there has always been talk of MOT-ing bikes, finally, starting in April its going ahead for the first time ever...
The reason for not having a test is that goverments own statistics proved there is no connection between accidents caused by bad maintenance, the French way of taking your own responsibility  of keeping your machine serviced, after all, its your life... However, the new test is basicly a visual check, and lasts for 3 years, so in a way pretty pointless. Having had tests every yesr in the UK its no big deal for me, and at less than 50 euro not expensive.... c'est la vie.


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Re: M.O.Ts at last
« Reply #1 on: 04 March 2024, 12:31:08 pm »
I was reading about it on the Bikers Club in France group on Faceache, sounds like a real headache for the whole biking community. Unable to sell a bike now without a new(ish) CT after April(?) but no real test locations up and running and all bikes to be tested by the end of this year. The phasing in is mad - all in year one, just bikes reaching the age requirement in year 2 and 3 and then everything that was tested in year one again in year 4. They should have leveled out the demand. That said, MOT's in the UK are a good way to catch the stupid riders that have no real idea about bikes and are basically riding death traps. For the 90% of us though that do have an understanding, they are a waste of time and money.
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