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Author Topic: Motorcycle Live 23  (Read 317 times)


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Motorcycle Live 23
« on: 20 November 2023, 02:17:56 pm »
The rip off of people at these corporate run events, just keeps getting worse.

Just to visit, not sure if there was any online pre booking for entry tickets before now, but there isn't now, you could get discount which had to be done pre 17 Nov for car parking.  Currently it's £48.95 per person for one day :eek and that just covers parking and entry! On line booking knocks off a huge £1.70 but you get slapped with a £2 online charge for entry and £10 off for parking which had to be done before 17 Nov and presumably bike parking if you can't get into free bike parking. 

Whether it was cheaper a few weeks ago I don't know?

Yes you can get free bike parking, but that's 1st come 1st served how big this is who knows plus £2 kit drop off.  Most I know go in the car save all the kit faf and buy stuff, so taking the bike isn't really an option.   

The feed back from contacts in the trade who are there, is don't bother unless you really must see a new bike that's not as yet in the showroom and can't wait until it is.  Everything else pretty much, you can see/buy/do elsewhere without paying the exertional entry and parking fee.

Don't even go there with the drink and food prices, for what is cheap low end takeaway food. 

Sadly it's all about corporate making as much money as they can.    :evil :evil :evil