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Author Topic: Wurth Dry Chain Lube  (Read 7285 times)


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Wurth Dry Chain Lube
« on: 25 November 2017, 09:54:13 pm »
Hello again,

as a new FZS owner, I have decided to try the Wurth Dry chain lube. Trouble is there are no useful instructions on it as to when to replenish the application. Does anyone have any information on this. 500miles, 1000 miles, after a downpour etc.

I have no prior experience of this stuff so all help gratefully received. Thanks.
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Re: Wurth Dry Chain Lube
« Reply #1 on: 17 February 2018, 11:45:07 am »
I've used this for years with very good results. Good question about how much to apply; I usually reapply roughly every 200 miles and keep the chain fairly clean. For mainly dry use, with regular application I have had very good results on chain wear and it doesn't sling goop all over the place.

The one downside (IMHO) is that I don't think it lasts very well in the wet so usually apply after every wet ride. You can tell I don't commute anymore!