Date: 25-02-24  Time: 18:18 pm

Author Topic: Spring Meet 26th-29th May - PLEASE don't let this meet go the way of the rest!!  (Read 17258 times)

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Hey folks, sadly Moffy is struggling to get people to book in for the Spring Meet, which means it's dangerously close to disappearing from the calendar.
It's a SUPERB weekend, a brilliant chance to put names to faces from here, talk bikes, ballocks or bile, whichever flicks your switch.
Drink booze, listen to live music, ride with mates, see the scenery, make friends for life.

Seriously, it's one of the few things I miss about the UK being down here in Kiwiland.

I don't want to sound all misty eyed auld twat, but we had a superb calendar of meets a few years back; Dare (Aberdare), The Frolic (Forest of Dean), Spring Meet (Settle), The Gathering (Glencoe) to name only the ones I made it along to.
Meeting folks in person makes the online interactions way better, some of my closest friends have been made through shenanigans and recognising my kind of idiot in person.

Please, have a look, have a think and GO.
You only really regret what you don't do, so get to it whilst the chance is still there!