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Author Topic: FZS600 Fazer Differences by Year  (Read 39126 times)

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FZS600 Fazer Differences by Year
« on: 29 December 2010, 07:37:23 pm »
Originally posted by Alistair

1998 Launch (evolved from the Euro / Japanese FZ400)
. Model number 5DM1 (see sticker on frame under the seat).
. Colours: red, black, gold; official designations:
VRC1 (Vivid Red Cocktail 1)
BL2 (Black 2)
DRYC1 (Deep Reddish Yellow Cocktail 1)

. Model number 5DM4.
. Colours: burgundy, black, gold, silver; official designations:
VRC7 (Vivid Red Cocktail 7)
BL2 (Black 2)
DRYC1 (Deep Reddish Yellow Cocktail 1)
SM1 (Silver Metallic 1)

. Model number 5DM7, 5DMA
. Colours: gold/black/silver, red/black/silver, black, silver:
DRYC1 (Deep Reddish Yellow Cocktail 1)
VRC1 (Vivid Red Cocktail 1)
BL2 (Black 2)
SM1 (Silver Metallic 1)
. S model introduced with 3-tone colour scheme.
. Pre-load spring adjuster added to front forks.
. Tank 'increased' 2li to 20 litres (by reducing the depth of the overfill pipe).
. Both tank breather tubes no longer directly connected to the tank but now via a new inverted funnel secured to a fairing cross member.
. Pillion comfort improved: Rear pegs lowered 45mm & moved forward 10mm and pillion seat padding increased by 16mm.
. Exhaust angle lowered to accommodate longer pillion pegs.
. Pillion pegs redesigned to remove 'barb' from handhold/luggage-retention projection and the 'eyelet' hole is reduced in size. Pillion pegs are now rubber coated also.
. Clutch springs and friction plates redesigned (used to be grabby selecting 1st on cold start).
. Gear lever / shift arm 4mm longer.
. Pillion grab-rail changed from plain black steel tube to colour coded FRP moulding.
. Clocks changed to include an extra second trip meter and a digital clock/timepiece.
. Hazard warning button added to left hand switchgear.
. Some changes to electrical connectors (e.g. headlight mod connector now black, used to be blue).

. Model number 5DMC.
. Colours: red/black/white (new decal pattern), blue, black, silver:
VRC1 (Vivid Red Cocktail 1)
BMC1 (Blue Metallic Cocktail 1)
BL2 (Black 2)
SM1 (Silver Metallic 1)
. Carbon-effect clock surround (used to be gold-effect).
. Silver painted fork lowers (previously plain alloy).
. Plain (silver) steel rear sprocket (used to be black).
. Helmet holder missing (used to be a welded, bent steel rod under the seat).
. Yamaha changed the recommended service interval on all their 2001+ models to 6000 miles (previously 4000 miles). No material changes were made to specifically accommodate this, so it could be considered 'backward compatible' if you choose.

2002 - Launched at Paris show Sept 2001
. Model number 5RT1
. Colours: blue, silver, yellow; official designations:
DPBMC (Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C)
S1 (Silver 1)
RYC1 (Reddish Yellow Cocktail 1)
. Tank design changed, more sculpted, capacity increased 2li to 22 litres. (inc 3.6li reserve)
. Front fairing/headlights changed to resemble FZS1000 fairing.
. Fairing 'YAMAHA' brand replaced with the tuning-fork logo.
. New wider mirrors on thinner stalks.
. Indicator stalks now rubber (previously solid plastic with a sloppy fit making them rattle).
. New instrument panel, similar but slightly smaller.
. Stainless steel exhaust header pipes but still painted black and the welds are not stainless, so still rusts!.
. New black wire mesh radiator guard (none previously).
. Narrower chain?
. Holes for the chain guard are higher (so a pre-02 hugger won't fit).
. Overall height up 10mm to 1180mm (seat height unchanged).

2003 - Available from July 02
. Model number 5RT4
. Colours: red (with black fender & on tail), blue, silver; official designations:
VRC1 (Vivid Red Cocktail 1)
DPBMC (Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C)
S1 (Silver 1)
. Tank 'YAMAHA' brand replaced with the tuning-fork logo.

2003 - June 17
The Fazer FZS 600 in its current form fails to meet the latest round of Whole Vehicle Type Approval laws including Euro-2 emissions which means it cannot be registered as a new bike after this date. Fazers cannot legally be sold (within the European Union) after this date unless they have previously been registered prior to 17/06/03. No official public information exists regarding what form a replacement model might take or when to expect it. Rumours suggest a de-tuned R6 engine with a launch of 03Q4.

(This is from the model number sticker on the frame under the seat.)
010 = ?
014 = France ?
050 = Finland
060 = ?
070 = UK
100 = Netherlands
101 = Germany
110B = Denmark

Originally posted by daveph on 22/07/2010

Where else would you find a summary of model changes / colours but on a Yamaha Poland archive page.
Covers FZ6 as well as FZS600 so more up-to-date
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Re: FZS600 Fazer Differences by Year
« Reply #1 on: 19 October 2015, 08:50:14 pm »
As for 5RT model, it also has several changes in electrical scheme:
- more powerful alternator
- headlights now operates thru relays
- another voltage regulator

As for 5RT frame, It has different fittings for front fairings on upper frame tubes