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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Top Side Engine bolts
« on: 12 April 2019, 02:10:22 pm »
Cheers :thumbup

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Top Side Engine bolts
« on: 11 April 2019, 02:15:30 pm »
I am removing the engine bars I got with the bike (ones cracked), do I have to support the engine on the under side to give it support while I remove the bolts?
Also I have read some conflicting lines about the torque rating when I go to reset the bolts is there any definite rating?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Battery Reg/Rec Opperation
« on: 08 January 2019, 01:54:14 pm »
I am clueless to the workings of electricity to start with.
So after the bike lying up for the Christmas and New Year the battery decided to pack in yesterday. Charged it up Sunday made it in to work (13m) to discover it was drained. Got it charged in work and got home.
So bought a new battery last night put it in and it fired nicely.
Now..... I have a very cheap battery tester which also doubles as a Reg/Rec tester too.
After I fire up the bike I turn it off test it all ok. Then I fire her up and nothing in regards the Reg/Rec (idle) so I bring up the revs and the R/R leds start lighting up.

Is this normal operation between Reg/Rec and the battery????

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Battery or Something else?????
« on: 13 August 2018, 01:21:04 pm »
Turns out the charger I have is Knackered. Hooked it up to a borrowed (good one) and it read half full so charged it up and is running grand.
Also disconnected the grip warmers.

Thanks for the help.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Battery or Something else?????
« on: 09 August 2018, 10:21:24 am »
Hi, Bike would not start for my commute home last night so had to get a jump done.

Charged the battery (yusa) overnight 12hr, put it back on and she fired no problem this morning.
Now.....when I got on the bike to get the centre stand down and drive off the bike completely died????
Turned key on off (few times) and nothing, so had another look and did the mandatory little movement of the battery leads turned key and she fired no problem.
Got in to work and gave it two stop start tests and on the 2nd start it coughed a bit, so looks like I will be jumping for the home commute.

12v socket, heated grips (both being disconnected when I find out which wire is which) and a Flash tune kit also connected.

Im sure the battery is dying/dead (don't know how long its there) but it was the shut down that stumped me?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Battery Issues?
« on: 23 May 2018, 01:57:58 pm »

FZ1 Gen 2 08 has a wee issue were all the lights (head, rear and neutral gear light) are dimming high/low ever so slightly on start-up. However after a short spin they are working fine no dimming.

Any Ideas?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 28 March 2018, 01:34:36 pm »
Success, the software is as sensitive as the R&G rear hugger that's hanging of the bike.

You 1. have to have the cable plugged in to the bike from the laptop 2. power up the laptop. 3. turn on the bike not start it 4. open the software on the laptop.

Happy days

I was configuring the map in comfort then plugging it in to the bike then turning it on (while the software was open on the laptop), why the above makes the difference I don't know.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 26 March 2018, 12:55:09 pm »
So I found an email address buried in my phone belonging to the previous owner. I mail him and he gives me his user name and password to use the software for the flashtune :thumbup
I set up the stock map and modify basic settings. I plug in to the bike and all goes well until I click to remap the bike. "Licence not found for this ECU"  :look so I reckon what happens is when you buy the software you get sent some type of file that activates the mapping.

I now have to get back on to the previous owner and see if he has the file or get on to FT and see if they can send him the licence previous purchased.
BTW and new licence is $100 that if I buy it will be sent to the previous owner.
If this fails the unit is being ripped out and the bike remapped to stock.

To say this product is user friendly is an understatement.
Same bike, same cable, same software, same login and there is still a problem.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 02 February 2018, 12:22:45 pm »
Bike bought on foreign soil so logbook was handed in when registering it.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 25 January 2018, 12:25:08 pm »
The sellers number has been long deleted.

Flash tune don't have a re-register service.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 25 January 2018, 07:42:29 am »
So got on to Flash tune and after a few questions asked how much a new cable would be?
$380 for the cable, which equates to the price of a new kit.

So I will stick to the map already there and go about taking the bike side harness from the bike (to eradicate any memory of this ever happening)  :nana

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Not So Flash Tune
« on: 19 January 2018, 10:22:04 am »
No joy out of the FT. Tried all avenues with them. I was stunned with the price of a new cable, its basically the same as a new kit.
Don't want to be asking seller for details like that it requires his email address to use it.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Not So Flash Tune
« on: 19 January 2018, 09:19:06 am »
Purchased an 08 Fz1 with a flash-tune kit installed.

I go to use the kit only for their software to tell me the usb cable that connects the laptop to the bike harness is registered to the previous owners email address. I contact them only for them to ask me to get the previous owner email address and password >:. I then enquire about a new usb cable only to be told it will cost me $380. Needles to say I am stuck with the thing.

Just beware if your buying a 2nd hand kit or bike with a Flash-tune kit installed.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Engine Bars
« on: 12 September 2017, 10:03:18 am »
One of the engine bars has cracked, is it possible to get it welded?

General / Re: Visiting Ireland
« on: 26 April 2017, 05:32:03 pm »
Take out travel insurance.
You do not want to be in the trust of our Health care using the EU Card

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Newbie Hello - Gear shifting issue
« on: 27 February 2017, 07:18:13 pm »
Thanks for that will look in to it.
On the way home there was no problem with the gearing .
Very strange

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Newbie Hello - Gear shifting issue
« on: 27 February 2017, 12:33:05 pm »
Hi All,

New to the site and the bike (since Dec16).  2008 FZ1

Bike has been running great until this morning where it was missing gears.

1st 2nd 3rd no 4th. then eventually I could go up then coming down would stop at 3rd and then nothing.
Pulling in clutch but thin air when changing.

Got in to work and would not engage 2nd or 1st turned her off and then got her in to neutral.

Any help would be appreciated.

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