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General / Crash = Sadness (CBF125)
« on: 07 September 2016, 01:17:12 pm »
Hi all,

The Crash:
Monday morning I crashed my cbf125. Woman pulled out of her driveway form behind a car in front of me. The road conditions were wet so as I broke the bike went out from underneath me. The bike went into the Rear RHS of the car and I behind the car along the floor.

The Damage:
As I hit the floor my lower back was in so much pain (7.5/10). The bike has a bent frame, bent yoke, fairings both broken, front fairing/headlight unit broken, bent forks, bent disc, broken indicators, broken shifter.
Didn't get to see her car, I was on the floor, I hope the police got all the details I need.

The Aftermath:
I'm on a MCAMS loan bike until the insurance is sorted, I don't have a 125 to take me up until december (When I take my A2 Test), insurance paid for a new helmet (got a Shoei Qwest), and she said I am at fault for the accident.

And then yesterday my phone smashed on the floor, having a terrible week so far!

Introduction / SE London New Member/Trainee Mechanic
« on: 24 August 2016, 01:08:10 pm »
Hi all!

New to the forum as I have recently purchased a BEAUTIFUL FZS 600 2003 in blue. 100k on the clock, 40k on the engine for only £800.

Little bit about me:
I'm still on a CBT as I am only 18 although I have the money ready for my A2 tests in the late november time.
I study Motorcycle Mechanics at college and have an apprenticeship in a garage. Will be starting my second year on level 2 in september.


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