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FZS600 Fazer / Please help to diagnose a noise?
« on: 22 October 2013, 01:56:42 pm »
Hi folks.
I have an odd noise on my 03 fazer 600 - its like a bit of a rattly noise that increases in severity as you accelerate, then goes away when you get up to certain revs. Either that or its drowned out by the Beowulf.
I don't think its the cam chain, as I've had that before on a superdream and that rattled way worse than this, and also at a standstill. was proper rough.
I've checked the drive chain tension and it seems to be OK to me, got about an inch of play in total up and down? I'm going to try pushing the bike without the engine running see if it still makes the noise - which would hopefully indicate whether its the engine or something else. admittedly I hadn't thought of that yet. only other thing I can think of is the rear hugger might be a bit loose and rubbing against the rear tyre, but I would have seen signs of damage/wear to the hugger i'd have thought.
I appreciate the awkwardness of this request - as its difficult to describe a noise over the internet, and as it doesn't do it unless I'm riding I can't "record" it as such. but any ideas or at least reassurance that its likely to be something minor would be nice.
I should note that the bike still runs and rides perfectly fine with no noticeable adverse effects.

Introduction / Hunting a foxeye
« on: 05 July 2013, 09:56:39 pm »
Hi there,

Was recommended to this place by a former Fazer 600 owner to get some owners eye info on the bike and be a good place to look out for a potential bargain?

I've decided to get rid of my current bike, a BMW R1100S and go for something a bit simpler. Its a great bike but too damn expensive on repairs and such. plus as I haven't ridden it over the last year much,  my riding has gotten rusty and I find i'm becoming a very lazy rider and I think I need something I can work a bit harder on - and also simple enough to tinker on for a cack handed neantherdal.

Anyway, having decided on "middleweight" "cheap to run" "simple and bulletproof" I was drawn to the Fazer (I cannot find hardly any bad words about them - apart from the downpipes and that area getting crusty - which is understandable given how exposed it is down there and jap manufacturers propensity to build downpipes from cheapo mild steel) - having had a limited experience of ragging one round olivers mount I did quite enjoy - and then I was drawn to the foxeye in particular for the bigger fuel tank and better looks. It just looks like a friendly fun little bike that just wants to go out and play without all the rigid seriousness of a "Sports" bike.

Gonna nosy around see whats for sale and hopefully if I find one and get on with it, stick around to become a long term happy Fazer owner - and then when I'm ready maybe make the jump up to a big thirsty thou.

Cheers all,

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