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General / Motorcycle Live 23
« on: 20 November 2023, 02:17:56 pm »
The rip off of people at these corporate run events, just keeps getting worse.

Just to visit, not sure if there was any online pre booking for entry tickets before now, but there isn't now, you could get discount which had to be done pre 17 Nov for car parking.  Currently it's £48.95 per person for one day :eek and that just covers parking and entry! On line booking knocks off a huge £1.70 but you get slapped with a £2 online charge for entry and £10 off for parking which had to be done before 17 Nov and presumably bike parking if you can't get into free bike parking. 

Whether it was cheaper a few weeks ago I don't know?

Yes you can get free bike parking, but that's 1st come 1st served how big this is who knows plus £2 kit drop off.  Most I know go in the car save all the kit faf and buy stuff, so taking the bike isn't really an option.   

The feed back from contacts in the trade who are there, is don't bother unless you really must see a new bike that's not as yet in the showroom and can't wait until it is.  Everything else pretty much, you can see/buy/do elsewhere without paying the exertional entry and parking fee.

Don't even go there with the drink and food prices, for what is cheap low end takeaway food. 

Sadly it's all about corporate making as much money as they can.    :evil :evil :evil

This is a SW Motech adaptor kit for Givi panniers to fit 99 - 07 Hayabusa, it may well fit other bikes.  These are often universal kits and just adjustment or another bracket/s is/are required.  Buyer needs to do their homework if not buying for the above mentioned bike. 

The kit is in used but in very good condition £40 ovno plus postage or collection in the Melton Mowbray area.

For Sale & Wanted / Givi 40lt Monokey panniers as new not used
« on: 14 September 2023, 04:36:10 pm »
From their very popular Monokey range of luggage, they're 40lt, I think they're the E360Ns which are topcase/panniers.

They are unpacked but never used so as new condition, still got protective cover on the badge, they come with all keys.  These panniers will fit any bike once you've bought the mounting kit for whatever bike.

£140 ovno plus postage or free collection, Melton Mowbray area.

For Sale & Wanted / Givi 46lt Top Box SOLD
« on: 14 September 2023, 03:47:54 pm »
This is from there very popular Monokey range of boxes and E460, 46lt. Used but in good condition, comes complete with all keys, mounting plate and the power lead for the rear light, which is new and unused.  This top box can fit any bike once you've bought the mounting kit for whatever bike.

£55 ovno plus postage or free collection from Melton Mowbray area.

Mounting plate

Power lead

For Sale & Wanted / Yoshimura Tri Oval Busa End Cans unboxed
« on: 14 September 2023, 03:06:27 pm »
As mentioned in the Hayabusa 06 post these are the unboxed pair of 2 pairs of end cans.  These were fitted to the bike when her husband bought the bike and replaced with the boxed pair. 

The unboxed set.

There're are small marks and dents on both cans unlike the boxed pair there's no damage to the over banding areas If you know anything about these you'll know they can be completely disassembled and rebuilt.  All the dents could be removed and all parts polished.  Another option it to buy these and the boxed set and build a pair from the 2 sets, job done.  These are straight fit for 99 -07 Busa's they could possibly fit others in the Gixxer range or other bikes with a mounting rings she's looking for £150 plus postage at cost.

If you bought both sets you'd get a good as new pair for less than half the cost of new ;)

Left Can

Right Can

For Sale & Wanted / Yoshimura Tri Oval Busa End Cans Boxed
« on: 14 September 2023, 02:44:32 pm »
As mentioned in the Hayabusa 06 post these are the the boxed pair of 2 pairs of end cans.  These were fitted to the bike at some point. 

The boxed set.

These are complete with all the packaging and the 2 road baffles.  There're slight marks on both cans and on the RH can what looks like either something has knocked into or the bike scraped into a wall/door way, there is a tightish gate way into her garden were the bike was kept, or it's been knocked over.  If you know anything about these you can obtain the over banding strip from the importer, de-rivet the damaged one, reprofile/polish the end cap, refit the new banding, job done. 

These are straight fit for 99 -07 Busa's they could possibly fit others in the Gixxer range or other bikes with a mounting rings she's looking for £450, plus postage at cost.

Left Can

Right Can

For Sale & Wanted / Hayabusa 06
« on: 14 September 2023, 01:23:50 pm »
This is the last bike I'm trying to shift for the same customer as the RD400 & Blade, again this was her late husbands bike.  It's taken longer as she was toying with keeping it, but has decided now to let it go. 

It's in fully running order, serviced by me in Aug this year and it runs fine as does it ride.  It's had been stood pretty much for the last 3 yrs other than MOT's and the odd ride, I've put approximately 300miles on it over the last year, sorting it out for her as she was going to keep it.  It's completely standard, except for the polished rims :rolleyes  In good to fair condition for year, rust beginning to appear on the odd fastener/bolt/screw etc mainly due to it being standing under a bike cover in her garden for over 2yrs, all easily sorted. There is corrosion on the exhaust link pipes, the offside is worst.  These are double skin and it's the chrome outer that's starting to go, very common issue, easily replaced.  There are the normal wear and tear blemishes you'd expect for a 17 yr old bike, especially one that's not been garaged all it's life.   

Both tyres are new Michelin Road 5, fitted at it's last MOT in Aug 22, they've covered 379 miles.  Genuine mileage of 10601, which is low for the year.   
It doesn't have a current MOT, last was Aug 22, after having the front callipers rebuilt and painted by the garage who MOT'd it.  Lets just say they worked, just, lacked power and feel and looked terrible.  They'd painted them after rebuilding them with car paint, the wrong colour to boot, the paint then hardened and was jamming the pistons. :rolleyes  These were both stripped at service, the paint removed, rebuilt and new Vernhill lines fitted.  They now work as they should, cosmetically they really need a repaint to return them to as the should look.   She doesn't want to spend any more on this bike and this is left for the next owner if they so which. 

It will either have a new MOT for the new owner or this will be reflected in an agreed selling price, bike is currently SORN.

The bike runs and handles as you'd expect, the motor is really strong again as you'd expect from a Busa, it really is all about the motor, if you've owned/ridden one you'll know hat I mean, they're awesome. This is a turn the key and ride off, just needs MOT, and some TLC. 

It's worth in the region of £4800 ish, to allow for points mentioned above, she's looking for £4000 ovno, she wants in gone.

These next pictures were taken just after the service and wash down, they show the cheesy rim stickers that are no longer there.

The bike also has 2 sets of Yoshi end cans both used, one set boxed, the other loose.  There's also a complete Givi luggage set, panniers look unused/little used, plus full mounting plates and mounting bars for them.  The boxes and mounting plates will fit any bike the bars possibly not as it's Busa specific.  These will be listed separately but could be sold with the bike if required at extra cost.       

General / Drone
« on: 01 August 2023, 09:15:19 pm »
What do people use?  I'm looking for one, small enough to fit in a top box/pannier/small rucksack etc, an hrs flying time, good camera, preferably 4K, Auto Return, Home Follow Me, Light Positioning etc, batteries and charger. 

Not looking for top of the range stuff, I'm a total beginner, but I want something that reliable and will last me a few years.

Oh and I'm not looking to break the bank either few hundred quid at most. 

All advice gratefully received.   

General / Air weapons All now sold
« on: 19 May 2023, 02:56:27 pm »
Does anyone know where to sell air weapons?  All now sold

These aren't mine, they did belong to the ladies husband who's RD and Blade I posted in the for sale section, a few weeks back.  She has 3 Webley Vulcans rifles, 2 Webley Tempest pistols and a 1930's BSA all .22.  I know the approximate value of them but she'll accept any reasonable offers.   

This is way beyond me not interested in this sort of thing in the slightest.

For Sale & Wanted / Honda CBR900RRV 97
« on: 10 April 2023, 03:33:57 pm »
This is another bike I'm trying to shift for the same customer as the RD400, again this was her late husbands bike. 

He owned it from new, used as a road/odd track day bike, is in fully running order, I've had it running recently and it runs fine as does it ride.  It needs new fork seals, only the right has blown but do both and I'd recommend front pads due to possible oil contamination.  It's been stood pretty much for the last 8 yrs.  It's in good condition for year, slight in tank rust beginning to appear, but easily treatable.  It's fitted with what looks like EBC front discs, a Harris race end can and stage 1 Dyno jet kit, both standard jets and end can are available (see picture of box of bits) although Std end can has slight damage, which can be polished out.  Both tyres are Bridgestone look like BT54 and in good condition fitted Mar 21.   

It doesn't have a current MOT but passed it's last Mar 21, bit of wishful thinking on his part I think.  The almost 2 miles put on it after this MOT, I did  on my recent test ride, it runs and rides like a new bike, check the tyre wear! Me chucking it about probably blow the fork seal!.  From 2015 until his death Mar 22 the bikes done a total of 60ish miles, a very low genuine mileage of 19097, it's currently SORN.   

This is a turn the key and ride off, just needs MOT, fork seal and a good clean,

It's worth in the region of £3000 ish, to allow for the seals/pads work, she's looking for £2500 ovno, as she wants in gone.

For Sale & Wanted / RD400 SOLD
« on: 06 April 2023, 06:34:09 pm »
I'm trying to shift this for a customer, it was her late husbands.

The bike is all original, untouched/restored, it was fully working last used approximately 4 years ago, 36000k genuine miles, all paperwork is present.  Engine/wheels/brakes are all unseized, throttle cable are possibly seized or crab slides are stuck in the bodies, very common, it's normally just dried out 2 stoke oil.  The bike could be made to run and obtain an MOT without too much work, but it would make a superb restoration project for someone.

She's looking for £4000 ovno. 

General / European Super League
« on: 20 April 2021, 09:18:42 am »
I'm not really a football fan these days, got put off years ago, mainly by the cost.  Taking my lads to a game, 10yrs ago would costs £150 easy. 

One of the main arguments by UK supporters against this, is it destroys, local identities, history etc. 

To me it clearly demonstrates, UK supporters really don't factor any longer and if they never paid another penny in season tickets or gate money it wouldn't matter.  Premiership Clubs make more money with world TV rights and sales of shirts/kits memorabilia, than ever they do in the UK. 

Like much of sport nowadays, it's not really about the sport it's just about money, making more money!

General / Mobile tyre fitting
« on: 10 January 2016, 10:33:42 am »
Happy New Year all

Can anyone recommend a mobile or shop that fits and supplies tyres in the Kingston area, [/size]I' don't know that area at all?

My lad is at Uni over there and his PCX125 needs a new front.

General / Chirstmas woe's
« on: 31 December 2015, 02:15:25 pm »

I though I'd share this to see how others have dealt with this situation.  As I'm certain this is common place nowadays  before I give any real advice to the mate involved and being New Years Eve things are very quite at work.  ;) 
This morning a good friend rings me saying he's at his "whit's end" and doesn't know what to do!
Little background first.  Mates been in a relationship for about 9 months they now live together and everything is good, it really is I've seen them together they're extremely happy well suited.  He now lives in her house, pays half etc etc.
Partner (lets call he mum) son is 20, comes home from Uni for summer and Christmas but acts like he's still there, i.e. Music day and night, not too loud but enough to be heard while watching TV, going to bed.  TV in his room to the early hours and/or mates playing Xbox same times or girlfriend (lives at Uni with) who's there every weekend (Fri evening, Mon morning during summer/ Christmas holidays goes back to her job), mates (up 8) playing poker/Xbox downstairs/bedroom all hours or days when girlfriends not there, one in particular often stays, apparently he's very rude never says a word to him.  Son helps himself to whatever's in the house but never replaces anything or offers to get anything unless girlfriend is there.  Girlfriend is not the tidiest and showers twice a day each time emptying the hot water tank via the power shower.  All the above is done without first asking even though he's been told to, mum is then put on the spot so gives in.  Son doesn't work at all, no part time job and failed to get a placement in the summer for year 15/16 so back to Uni.  Son lives to the great extent off girlfriend (who does work) and they share a single room both claim they are paying rent so effectively pocket half the rent, online gambling or from possibly his dad.   Son plays on line poker most of the time when not with mates or girlfriend possible even when there, mate did say he told him to be careful he'd get addicted, son told him too late I am!
A plus they seem to pretty much cater for themselves, but son is not good with washing up etc pans etc are often just left in the sink/cooker, as is rubbish/recycling which is never taken out.   
After the summer mum and mate agree this can't be repeated next summer and changes need to be made at Christmas.   
The problem:
Son is picked up just before Christmas within hours all of the above starts, except the mates being there, mum having to tell son to turn down music/talking/TV each and every day as mate tells mum its too load or wrong time going to bed etc, mum isn't seeing the volume as an issue.  Son tells mum, girlfriends coming on day A to day B, just before she arrives A/B have turned into X and Y an extension of 3 days.  Son going away for dads birthday for 10 days, girlfriend going home 7 days before then back before he goes for 2/3 days.  All this is putting a huge strain on their relationship mate can see mum's struggling, getting upset and is now almost piggy in the middle but can't see son's behaviour is wrong.
He's dreading what's coming when son returns after holiday before he goes back to Uni and is now worried that next summer will be same what should he do.  He's almost got the a point of walking out and asking me to put him up!  Is this all ok behaviour, is the mum wrong for not sorting things, is mate over reacting, what's the way out?

I've got my views but I'd like a few more please.

General / SAT TV
« on: 24 December 2015, 01:20:36 pm »
Ok I'm a complete novice at this stuff so bear with me.

Got Sky HD but it's overpriced and I hardly watch the pay channels, also had their BB which is crap.  BB now been replaced with BT, got offered the BT box thing but I don't have a terrestrial arial so didn't bother with the box when I switched.

I want to be able to record programmes as I'm told even though the sky box will still receive free channels it wont record.  I'd like to watch and record HD channels, would like to get Eurosport if possible dont want to pay monthly just one off.

So what are my options?

I think TV play and recorder like these: -,+recorders+and+satellite%7C33008689/c_3/3%7Ccat_33008689%7CDigital+TV+recorders%7C33016257.htm 

But I think I will need a terrestrial arial.

Or: -

I think the last option is the one to go for?



General / Intercom advice
« on: 11 June 2015, 09:52:20 pm »
Looking for a rider/pillion intercom, never had one before so have little idea of what I'm looking at!

I'm not keen on the boom types, I'm leaning towards Uclear HBC100 Plus would appreciate some feed back please.   

For Sale & Wanted / Two Piece Leathers for sale
« on: 03 January 2015, 04:27:56 pm »
Hi all

I'm selling my Alpinestars two piece leathers.  They are as new worn no more than a handful of times, I bought them little over 3 years ago when I had my GSXR, which was yep you guessed it red and black!

They've been hanging in my locker for almost 2yrs and it's time they were put to use again.  I paid over £700 for them they have armour in shoulders, knees and elbows with an in built pocket for a back protector, I use a Dainese strap on type which fits under the jacket perfectly without restricting movement.  They are spotless no marks, scratches, tears or stains, cleaned and proofed just after the last time I worm them.  They are size 54, are slightly too big for me at 42in chest, 35 waist, and 32in inside leg I would think they would fit 34 - 36 range waist perhaps a bit bigger if you don't mine them being tight.

I'm looking for £300 ovno.  PM me if you want more pictures or want to try on veiw etc.         

General / SORN
« on: 15 May 2013, 06:49:06 pm »
Does anyone know what the score is with the following situation: -
Bike A taxed/MOT last week, another bike (B) acquired today, intention to sell bike A asap but not worth the extra cost to keeping it insured, if the bike could be sold in a matter of days or at most weeks, with no intention of riding it. If bike A is now SORN as per the law and tax not surrendered is it just a simple matter of un SORN and the tax or whatever's left on it starts running again?
Bike needs to be sold with tax on rather than cash it in for the sake of perhaps a few days/weeks         

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