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Messages for Users / Geek/Farjo
« on: 04 September 2013, 10:36:25 pm »
Sent you a text but had no reply. You ignoring me or changed your number? Last 4 digits 3744.

Anyway, for your info - message texted as follows -

"How the fuck are you, you old poof! Long time no see. Guess where I am? Clue. It's still 11.45 in Ulan Batar, vvv"

Messages for Users / Mr Upside Down Head
« on: 11 February 2013, 09:07:54 am »
How's you, married yet?

General / Time flies!!
« on: 15 November 2012, 12:35:08 pm »
Blimey, been on here 10 years now. Met some great people, made some very good friends, had lots of laughs, and come across a few arseholes too!! Roll on the next 10 years.  :woot

The Laboratory ! / Test
« on: 02 July 2012, 07:12:58 pm »

General / Mobile Phones
« on: 17 May 2012, 01:38:17 pm »
Contract is up later this month so am thinking of upgrading to a smart phone, which may cause confusion as I have been using a Nokia 6230i for the last 6 or so years  :lol
So, which one to go for? Once I have a good idea of phones then it's search the best tariff time. Currently with o2.
Are they all much of a muchnesss, or are iPhones the one to have?

General / Missing in action!!
« on: 25 April 2012, 02:57:31 pm »
Lost -

One human of the female variety, looks like, sounds like, and answers to the name of Tori.

Not been seen or heard of on here or FB for at least 2 weeks.

Is the girl still breathing?

 :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

Messages for Users / Eddie
« on: 06 February 2012, 04:15:09 pm »
Poof!! :kiss :lol

General / Arse!!
« on: 01 February 2012, 03:56:57 pm »
Our wonderful Operations Director has finally sussed out that most of the office staff spend copious amounts of time on Facebook so has now been tinkering with the server and blocked all Social Networking websites. Looks like I'll be spending a bit more time in here instead!!LOL

Introduction / I've arrived
« on: 12 August 2011, 09:13:19 pm »
Hello peeps.  :eek

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