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FZS600 Fazer / Ignition Barrel/ Lock-set replacement
« on: 13 November 2012, 11:49:47 am »
My two year old nephew decided to play a game of hide and seek with my only set of bike keys. It seems as though my only two options are to replace the ignition barrel or have a new key made by a locksmith using the existing barrel. Either way I have to remove the barrel from the yokes, unfortunately for obvious reasons, the Haynes manual and service manual have omitted any instructions on this procedure. I was wondering if any of you fellow foccers have done this or have any experience in these matters.

I have removed the dome headed bolts securing the ignition barrel cover. However it seem that there are two bolts underneath the the ignition housing that will need to be undone to remove the unit from the bike. Due to the awkward positioning of these bolts (which incidently also seem to some sort of domed bolts) what is the best way of getting them out. Please advise.


I have a set of headlights for sale that came of my FZS600-99REG. In great working condition. Reason for sale,[size=78%][/size], No longer fit on my bike :-P Going on ebay for around £100-120 so grab yourself a bargain. PM for details.

£75 + £10 P&P

For Sale & Wanted / SW MOWTECH ALU-RACK £75 incl P&P for FZS600 98-03
« on: 27 August 2012, 12:52:01 am »
Due to my recent  bike modifications i no longer have any use for this item. Very stylish in comparison to the other brands, great build quality and highly practical (had a 48l top box on mine). In great condition with all fittings. Fits all models from 98-2003. R.R.P.  around £120-£130

Grab yourself a great bargain :)

FZS600 Fazer / Custom Fazer project so far...
« on: 06 August 2012, 11:46:57 pm »
History about the bike: Currently the 6th owner and despite the bullet proof nature and the sheer awesomeness of the Fzs600, its had a rough time over the years (99 reg) mainly due to negligent inconsiderate people cyclists/car drivers who think its all right to knock another mans pride and joy over and leave without even a note of apology...b*astards! pardon my french soo a little tlc was in order.

Me: White collar city boy in early 20's that moonlights as a blue collar grease monkey, been riding for 2 1/2 years, mechanical skills errm around Haynes manual 3 star level :b , trying to be modest here but have the privilege of having far more mechanically savvy friends at hand.

Prologue: What started of as a case of a simple case of minor panel repairs and service (major in actuality) and a custom paint-job has now turned out to be a fully fledged custom project with some modifications that to the best of my knowledge are unprecedented with the Fazer 600. Nothing in particular was planned and we 'did it as we went along' but the vision i had was to create a sportier looking front end with practical headlights without resorting to a foxeye nose cone and headlights to create a truly unique fazer and bring it in to the 21st century. Some may say why? why not just buy another bike!?, in the words of my 1199 panegale owner friend 'a fazer is a fazer, nothing else like it' and I'm sure most on here would agree.

So i Thought id share my experience with fellow foccer's who have been extremely helpful over the years and where better to document the project than right here on the Fazer's owners club unofficial forum. Any comments, questions or advice welcome and  appreciated

Disclaimer: This project is not intended to be instructional and definitely not recommended by the manufacturer. 

Before: extensive damage to body/ paintwork. Front wheel bearing, leaking downpipes, seized front brake calliper etc...

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