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You shouldn't be able to get a derv nozzle into a petrol car. The muppet must have been standing there ages to get a decent amount into the tank.

Like I said Bob, he must have had it carefully balanced at the opening, and avoided the back spray. All while ignoring the sticker on the inside of the filler that says "Nae fckin diesel, you dickhead".

Its a VAUXHALL MOKKA its f**ked.  :lol

There is that - I've thought for a while that was no longer such a thing as a "bad" car, but the Mokka has proved me wrong. It's just bloody dreadful, in just about every way. With apologies to anyone who has bought one - but why anyone would spend their own money on it is beyond me.

Didn't think you could get a diesel nozzle in a petrol filler cap?

No, you can't, the guy must have had it balanced delicately across the top of the filler tube, and been standing well to the side to avoid the spray!

That's the only code showing. Its on a 2016 Mokka 1.6

General / The foc-u font of all knowledge - misfuelling cockups....
« on: 18 August 2016, 09:55:44 pm »
Howdo kids, not been around these parts for a while, but I just know someone out there knows chapter and verse on this one....

I run a fleet of vehicles (9 bikes and 4 cars) - one of the cars is leased to us and changed every 3 months or so. At the end of July we got a new one, which was petrol when all the others have been diesel. Day 2 with a brand new car, and a muppet puts diesel in it, gets about 200 yards before it craps out on him. Its been drained and flushed through, runs fine now, but the engine warning light will not stay off, code P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) is recorded. Its had Cataclean through it (3 bottles), and had a cat regen program run today - but the code returns.

What else can I try / get done - is my only option going to be a new catalyst?

Any info muchly appreciated!!

General / Re: Glaswegian foccers
« on: 05 September 2015, 02:27:52 pm »
Cheers folks - ended up at stevie briertons, all passed no problem. Turns out that it wasn't needed for a couple of weeks, but at least it's done now!

General / Glaswegian foccers
« on: 05 September 2015, 08:28:25 am »
Can anyone recommend an mot tester please, ideally close to the m74 as you pass by?

Just set off on a week trip, and remembered mot runs out in early September. Dumb feck that I am!

General / Re: Croatia
« on: 16 July 2015, 06:13:14 pm »
Cheers Val/David  :thumbup

General / Re: Croatia
« on: 13 July 2015, 01:22:28 pm »
Aw, nobody?

please  :rollin :rollin

General / Re: How To Behave In a Speed Awareness Course
« on: 12 July 2015, 05:10:19 pm »
Only a solid barrier makes it a Dual Carriageway and a 70 mph speed limit.
A grass verge or similar makes it a two lane road (not a dual carriageway) and a 60mph speed limit unless otherwise stated.

As Graham said - this is wrong.....

General / Croatia
« on: 11 July 2015, 10:52:10 pm »
Time to draw on the font of foc-all knowledge....

Anyone been to Croatia on the bike? I'm looking for a place I can stay next summer, around 8 people / 6 bikes, for 3/4 nights. Obv got to be bike friendly, don't mind whether its coastal or hilly area, whether its rural or in a town (as long as the parking is secure if in a town).

What ya got???

General / Re: Insurance experts?
« on: 11 July 2015, 10:47:12 pm »
Insurance companies are W@nkers.


General / Re: A Little Advice For Devilsyam.
« on: 11 July 2015, 10:45:42 pm »
This sort of post, is why you need mates  :rollin :rollin

General / Re: Anyone on here got a Tiger (Triumph)
« on: 23 June 2015, 07:12:58 pm »
I've got an 800XC. 2011 bike. Love it - am doing far more miles than I ever did on the FZS. Motor is great, pulls in any gear from any revs, smooth... Just done 3000 miles in 11 days to the Pyrenees and back, most excellent.

Possibly  :D :D

62 tonnes ain't ever going to stop on a dime....

General / Re: Long journeys? You'll need a tourer mate!
« on: 11 May 2015, 10:29:19 pm »
Have had / got a few of these for the charity...

Pan - superbly capable, reliable, comfortable, handles well, great weather protection, strong motor. But doesn't stir the soul at all.

Fjr - rocket ship, definitely the sportiest of the ones I talk about here. Engine is blinding, riding position more forward than the others. Worst weather protection (and probably least pillion comfort). For the flagship model, suffers dreadfully with corrosion ( including on top of the motor, where you can't see it, and the rear suspension linkages wear fast if not stripped and greased each service).

RT - avoid like the foccing plague! Comfy, great weather protection, but ours had so many electrical failures, recalls etc etc, I lost all confidence...

One not on your list, triumph trophy. Great weather protection, comfy, unsure so far on longevity. Dead easy to ride, fast or slow, but does weigh a ton, and you can tell in the twisties. The weight is low though, it's easy and confidence inspiring when slow control is needed (unlike the RT!) Engine is grand, gearbox ok, unsure about the final drive. Have heard from a few folk that have had to have theirs replaced.

One of these


General / Re: Foc-u poll - who DID you vote for?
« on: 07 May 2015, 06:19:44 pm »
Get a room, willya? :eek

FZS600 Fazer / Re: She's amazing
« on: 13 April 2015, 08:28:41 am »
Well known fact, thou owners smell of wee. For a long time, the thou section was titled "Wee corner".

Embrace your inner incontinence!

General / Re: First Crash
« on: 12 April 2015, 11:20:06 pm »
No you didn't, you said there wasn't a red in 98.
And there was - I ordered one, till I realised the truth, and changed the order to the faster black one.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: She's amazing
« on: 12 April 2015, 11:01:34 pm »
And smelling of wee.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: She's amazing
« on: 12 April 2015, 09:14:53 pm »
While there's a lot of truth in that - I think the 600 does make it easy for the rider. It's a very forgiving bike, and gives a good amount of feedback (with the right tyres) - it flatters a decent rider, and makes them look another stage better.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: She's amazing
« on: 12 April 2015, 08:58:05 pm »
Yep, it's not a bad handling bike. I recall a friend of a friend following me back from peebles way. He said to our mutual friend "that bloke on the fzs600 has the heart of a lion". Mind, he was a bit grumpy, as the 916 he was on had tried to spit him off on the a68 just south of the border - he smashed his screen with his helmet as he hung on - while he was trying to keep up.

It's a pretty good handling little bike...

General / Re: 1 down 5 up
« on: 11 April 2015, 11:29:28 pm »
Last corner of the Hartside cafe road (A686) 100mph to 10mph  :lol
Indeed. And close by, as you come East from Whitfield towards Hexham, you criss the river Allen, have a good thrash up to probably about 80, then hard on the brakes for the left hand hairpin. Tighter than the hartside one (partly because it's a left hander, but it's also steeper) , do this one on second and you'll likely drop it!

General / Re: 1 down 5 up
« on: 11 April 2015, 11:23:53 pm »
10mph would still be 2nd, there's just too much engine braking in 1st - talking FZS 600 here.
Checks date of your post - nope, wasn't 1st April.... Shakes head in disbelief.

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