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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: What colour grey???
« on: 24 June 2013, 09:17:55 pm »
Hiya ghostbiker, mine is a 2005 bike with the same engine colour as the one in the second pic........... time will tell? Gulp! Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: What colour grey???
« on: 24 June 2013, 08:00:40 pm »
Hi Sadlonelygit, if i'm not mistaken it's the second one, the grey one, thanks too Mike for that underseat info, the paintshop told me that may well be the code and will get back, they also told me they take lots of photographs of the job (my tank) then check them against a massive database before any work done. Thanks again fellow foccers, will let you know how I progress, what the tank looks like when finished! Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: What colour grey???
« on: 24 June 2013, 11:12:52 am »
Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Debatable! It seems that's the model number plus another code? Well I've just been amazed? Rang the Yamaha dealer in Doncaster where I bought the bike for there advice........ it appears there isn't a code to ID the colour match and the only way to get a true colour match is through a company called RS Paints!! The mind boggles! Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: What colour grey???
« on: 24 June 2013, 11:01:46 am »
Brilliant, that must be it on the sticker then? It's IC28-050 and underneath is the letter B, anyone else with that number on a gunmetally grey Fazer 1000 please? Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / What colour grey???
« on: 24 June 2013, 08:52:25 am »
Hi all, me sodding bike rolled forward off the sidestand in the garage and put a ding the size of a 5p in it after coming to rest on my beer fridge door!!!!!!!! :eek Anyhow........... took tank off to be sorted......... repairer wants to know colour if I have it, to speed job up......... it's a 2005 Fazer 1000 like a gunmetal grey???????? There's nothing on any paperwork I have that gives me a true ID or code??? Anyone?????? Cheers, Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Starter Relay Woes
« on: 15 June 2013, 11:21:00 am »
Sorted!!!! A new battery and now it's back to it's barking self!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the advice guys, now i'm off to play :lol ........... Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Starter Relay Woes
« on: 11 June 2013, 08:58:40 pm »
Hmmmmmmm! Cleaned  all terminals and charged up, put meter on battery whilst cranking and got 5v.................... I guess i'll go for the new battery! I just want to play!!!!!! Will report back!............... just out of curiosity any particular battery I should go for? Ps thanks for all the advice guys... Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Starter Relay Woes
« on: 10 June 2013, 09:56:01 pm »
Hi All, any help would be appreciated! My starter relay is making a rapid buzzing/clicking when I press the starter button, I thought at first it was the battery dead! So I bought an optimate 4 on impulse! Then I took the multi meter home from work and discovered I had over 12v on the battery! Bugger.......... does this mean the relay is buggered or a symptom of something else? Forgot to mention? The rev counter needle goes off on one after I release the starter, it was fine two weeks ago when I last rode it then yesterday, this! ps the battery is 2years old. Advice anyone??? Cheers, Tony

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: bike won't start
« on: 09 June 2013, 09:59:15 am »
Hi, mine has suddenly decided to do just that! A rapid series of clicks then the rev counter goes up and down to 9000 or sometimes 7000 or so, I thought it was ( cos it said in my owners booklet its the tip over thing?) so I rang a Yamaha dealer who said it sounds like the battery? Got a push off and bike ran a treat with no lack of power or anything untoward............ That was yesterday! Today the futting thing did exactly the same? A rapid series of clicks and revcounter throwing a wobbler and not starting! Gonna get another push off and go buy an Optimate..................... and probably a new battery............ Tw*t.............Tony

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: West Yorkshire meet 17 March
« on: 18 March 2012, 10:14:59 am »
Bye Hell 1967 Fazer..... When you and your kid  set off home from Squires, your bike sounded soooooo  sweet!!!!!! What pipe you got on?? Tony .....

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: West Yorkshire meet 17 March
« on: 17 March 2012, 04:50:51 pm »
Hi chitsu, i made it, got there 1240hrs and stated till 1600hrs! Three coffees and a good chinwag with a couple of other foccers and members of the throttlejockey bike club, luckily the weather stayed dry for me all the way there and back!!!!!!! The Gods were with me today? But a lot of the bikes at Squires were covered in sh*t....... sadly no Gods with them? See more fellow foccers next time??? Tony

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: West Yorkshire meet 17 March
« on: 16 March 2012, 10:37:59 am »
I'll still be there, around 1230 ish (weather permitting) and bringing a fellow fazer rider along too on his bike..... hope the weather holds out!!!!!! Tony

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: West Yorkshire meet 17 March
« on: 08 March 2012, 12:12:54 pm »
Hi guys, i'd like to meet up at Squires for a chinwag ( weather permitting) what time you planning to be there?? Cheers, Tony

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