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Author Topic: How about an "essentials" travel kit  (Read 16415 times)

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How about an "essentials" travel kit
« on: 30 December 2010, 05:57:46 pm »
Originally asked by Eastriding2002 on 23/01/2004

So what kit should we take and what should we leave at home?
Can the foccers help build up the definitive tourers baggage?

Foreign cash
Credit card(s)
Driving licence
Log book V5
Green card from insurance company
E111. This provides cheap or free medical cover abroad. Get the form from a post office; you'll need your NI number.

Maps. Take an 'overview' map for the long journeys and some more detailed ones of the places you will be exploring. You can always get maps once there.

Breakdown cover. Make sure you have the number to call from the countries you are visiting.

Mobile phone. Check with your company that it'll work abroad. Another option is to buy a sim card abroad (your phone must be 'un-locked'). Consider taking the charger and a Euro plug converter.

Waterproofs (it *will* rain)
Winter gloves. It's cold up mountains, and you can wear them when your normal ones are soaked.
Chain lube
Pressure gauge
GB sticker
Disk lock / chain / whatever
Clothes. Plan what to take, and then get rid of half.
Guide book, reading book, journal.
Alarm clock
Addresses for post cards!
Spare bike keys
A leatherman or similar multi tool
Tape and ratchet ties
Small torch
Basic first aid kit
Puncture repair foam or kit.
Cable ties
Carrier bags. (folded, up, not screwed up - much less bulky that way). Come in handy for all manner of things.
Gaffer tape
Spare bungies and a cargo net.
Spare bulbs
Documents - take the originals and a photocopy. Plastic bag the originals at least!
Spare battery for your alarm key fob.
Pair of marigold rubber gloves
Marker pen, blank paper.
A 2 litre safety petrol container
FOC-U Calling cards
Disposable Latex gloves
Spare nuts & bolts of assorted sizes
A rag,
Spare fuses and an electrical tester

Don't forget your wallet or purse
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Re: How about an "essentials" travel kit
« Reply #1 on: 18 February 2015, 03:09:16 pm »
On a trip to Morocco a few years ago I took a spare wallet with £20 of the local currency in it and a recently expired debit card, in the unlikely event that you get mugged you can hand over the wallet and not lose everything.
Ive also found that a head torch is very useful and it leaves both hands free to read a book, find your way back to the tent carrying firewood without tripping over guy lines, etc.


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panniers for FZ8
« Reply #2 on: 05 May 2015, 07:05:13 am »
Hi there, got some Motohaus panniers for sale for FZ8 2014 model, used three times, quick easy fit on and off bike.