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General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 05 April 2016, 09:53:59 pm »
Rode from Lincoln to Two Wheels Centre at Mansfield.  Bought a Caberg Duke flip front helmet.  Quite pleased with it.  Rode home, probably looking like a tit.  Dark inner visor down, up, down again.  30 mph zone, front up.  50 zone , front down. Etc.

Very good bike shop, btw.

General / Re: Waterproof boots
« on: 22 August 2012, 09:53:30 pm »
Had my Altberg Clubmans for 12 years now and they are sturdy, comfortable and 100% waterproof.  The last and clean up well.  They are a zip up the inside of the calf fitting, so yeah you do need to check they can do up.


FZS600 Fazer / Re: Nut size?
« on: 15 June 2012, 05:10:53 am »
 :thumbup Deffo 32mm.    I've got the Yam part no. for the updated/improve nut and washer.  I'll dig it out if you need it

FZS600 Fazer / Re: oil change - magnetic plug, oil & filter ?
« on: 30 May 2012, 12:23:51 am »
Note:  the sump plug is on the side,  so when you take the plug out the oil shoots out a fair bit SIDEWAYS at first.  Have a big oil tray or do a alot of cleaning up.   :'( 

FZS600 Fazer / Re: yamaha fazer 600 k&n air filter
« on: 27 November 2011, 07:00:11 pm »
Accepted wisdom is that the Fazer 600 runs a bit rich as standard and as such will take a K&N filter without need to alter jets (this goes for with an aftermarket can too).  I've had a K&N in for 5 years and 15k miles and no problems. 

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Strange Noise After The Chain Was Adjusted! HELP !!!
« on: 10 November 2011, 11:24:59 pm »
Yeah, notice the drain is on the side of the sump, so the oil squirts out sideways as the plug comes out.  Get a BIG catch tray as I've had plenty of oil on the floor in the past.    :rollin


General / Re: Re-waterproofing gear
« on: 10 November 2011, 11:11:20 pm »
I've used the wash-in version to revive my breathable waterproof kit in the past.  It seems to do a decent job.  Worth a try.


General / Re: Winter Tyres on the Cage
« on: 06 November 2011, 08:58:20 pm »
A bit late on this, but another vote for winter tyres.  I got a set for our main car (mondeo) last winter.  We live on the edge of the North York Moor, a mile up hill from the main road.  We got in and out all the time.  A neighbour has a company car and insisted his company changed it from an A6 to a Q5 (but it came on massive wide rims with summer tyres).  The Q5 got in  and out but following it it looked like bambi on ice, constantly fighting for grip.

Mondeo steel rims are quite cheap.  The winter tyres and steel rims are on now.

I got Apollo Acelere Winter tyres (they, Apollo,are Indian but bought Verderstein a few years ago, so they are basically a basic rebadge Verderstein tyre).  They are fine in the wet and not appreciably more noisy or any less efficient than the summer Continentals.

It will probably never snow again.  :rolleyes


FZS600 Fazer / Re: Which Oil Is Best?
« on: 27 October 2011, 11:11:42 pm »
Easy Rider 13, what have you done?  I saw your post and thought take cover.   It is a much discussed subject, as you can now tell.  Something the right spec, semi-synth, nothing fancy, will do the job.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fuel Tank
« on: 27 October 2011, 11:01:34 pm »
Some talk from the north.

Dead Eye.  Just be aware there are two shades of red used by Yamaha on the carbed Fazers.  The original 1998 is one red (paint code VRC1 I think) and the 1999 on is a slightly darker burgundy red (VRC7).  (The 2000 onwards FazerS red/whiteblack model uses the vrc1 red)

The tank pictured in the link looks most likely a 1998 one.

You can probably guess why I know. 

Good look with finding a tank.  Deefer666 on here is a good source of parts / painting.


Messages for Users / Re: admin
« on: 24 October 2011, 09:26:49 pm »
  Top man. 

Messages for Users / admin
« on: 24 October 2011, 08:27:29 pm »
old post count for daveph please.
Been away etc
Glad to be back on-line
Many thanks  Dave

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