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FZ6 / 2004 FZ6 front sprocket Fix
« on: 02 January 2016, 03:12:16 am »
Hello all im new to this forum thank you / well first off i own a 2004 fz6 and of course the guy i got it from didn't tell me that the front  sprocket nut wasn't there lol. well come to find out the threads were stripped out after a lot of research here is what i did i got a set of metric re threading dies i chose a m18 1.5 pitch now i found out that Yamaha makes a new nut for the 2004 fz6 one that has a deeper counter sink cut in it to clear the drive shaft better than the stock one only problem is its bigger than a m18 1.5 that a used to retread the driver shaft / well this is what i had to do i took the new improved nut to a real machine shop and had them make me a custom nut exactly like the new improved Yamaha nut m18 1.5 size it cost me 80$! but now its fixed end of story sucks but had to do that or pay $1500 for replacement shaft or just buy a used motor on fleabay for 500 to 800$ still cheaper than repairing it with a new driveshaft how dumb/ well anyways hope this helps someone out there

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