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FZS600 Fazer / Ignition coil life?
« on: 07 April 2024, 12:03:00 pm »
Hi guys. Generally how long do the ignition coils/leads last on these bikes?

Got a ‘99 that is having some issues, suspect it’s the pilot circuit on the no.3 carb but they’ve already been out and cleaned. Just investigating other things before the PITA of taking them out again (more specifically the PITA of putting them back in).

The coils didn’t seem to match the Haynes manual specs although I’m not particularly good with a multi-meter so that could be me, the bike runs fine once revving but misfires on the 3rd cylinder at idle.

Cheers in advance

FZS600 Fazer / Idle air screw replacement
« on: 23 April 2023, 12:00:46 pm »
Hey all, anyone know where I can source a single one? One of mine has been mullered solid in place, finally got it out and replaced with something that works ok but I’d like the correct one ideally.

I’ve messaged a firm called carbtech on eBay who I’ve dealt with before but not heard back as yet. Fowlers only list a set of four at 50 odd quid, which I’d rather not spend on three I don’t need.

Any pointers appreciated as always.

Cheers, Darren

FZS600 Fazer / MRA Screen…
« on: 07 March 2023, 03:37:29 pm »
Hi all, looking to upgrade the screen on my fiancée’s Mk1 600. Before someone helpfully suggests I use the search function I realise there are topics on this already but I have a bit of a more specific question so apologies for that.

In my experience the MRA screens are generally the best choice so I’ve been looking at them. Now there’s the touring screen and the touring screen with the adjustable spoiler thing - she’s around 5’7 so I don’t know if the spoiler thing is necessary or just adding more wind noise unnecessarily? We have an intercom to talk to each other and with the standard screen it’s largely useless over about 60 with the wind noise round her helmet, particularly on the left side where the intercom module thing is mounted. She doesn’t want to have to ‘look through’ the screen to ride.

Does anyone have experience with these screens for a rider at this sort of height.

The other options are ‘double bubble’ type screens but I’ve always felt these are better for racing crouch type riding? She’s not long had her licence and as such more of a sit up/touring style rider.

Any help or suggestions appreciated as I’m looking to get it ordered for her upcoming birthday.

Cheers all, Darren

FZS600 Fazer / Slightly asthmatic old girl…
« on: 23 October 2022, 01:17:17 pm »
Hey all just an introduction into the FZS600 we’ve bought for my fiancées first bike. Not really asking anything specifically, I’m sure any questions I want to ask are answered elsewhere on the forums. That said if anyone would like to chime in with their knowledge and experience that would be very welcome - doesn’t hurt to have as much info as possible in one place for easy reference. Cheers in advance.

So we’ve bagged a slightly tatty (but dirt cheap) 99 model in Silver, 43,000 miles which handles and stops pretty well. New tyres, braided brake lines and the ‘two on dip beam’ headlight mod already done. Still a good bike in this day and age I think, plus the slightly rough round the edges  bodywork on it along with crash bungs makes it not too much of a worry if it suffers a low speed novice drop.

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to have the get up and go that I feel a 90 odd horsepower bike should. I appreciate a few of those horsey’s may have escaped over the last 23 years but even so, I’ve ridden early bandits that have more pep in them and that can’t be right surely??! My own bike is an ever so slightly more powerful ZX-12R so my seat of the pants dyno may be skewed but I don’t think so. But as with all new to me used bikes it got a bit of a service with oil and filter, plugs, air filter and fuel filter. The old plugs showed that servicing wasn’t high on the agenda for the previous owner.

So anyway the issues. it has an erratic idle with an offbeat exhaust note and honestly feels a bit wheezy on acceleration. I figured it was cheap so I can throw a little bit of money at it. So the investigation started…the first thing I found was a pair of downpipes warming up slower than the other two when sprayed with a mist of water. Trimmed back the HT leads and fitted new NGK caps and that was sorted, checked the tps adjustment and balanced the carbs. Still no improvement so starting to wonder about the carbs but in my experience they are best left alone until you’re sure that’s the problem.

My doubts lie with the TPS, it needs adjusting every time I look at it (although this has been before and after carb balancing) and doesn’t seem to settle dead on 5000 rpm when in test mode, sits at around 5200 so I don’t know if this is significant or a fault in the clocks. The resistance reads and increases fine as you open the throttle on the left/middle terminals (black and yellow wire connectors if I recall correctly) however the two outer terminals (blue/yellow??) are reading 8.3 ohms - significantly higher than the specs listed in the Haynes manual? Also running the bike with the TPS disconnected doesn’t make it any worse (in fact other than the rev counter showing it as a fault it makes no difference at all).

So I’m planning to get a new one, a used one on eBay or similar could be no better. Found a post on here about a Hyosung bike using the same sensor (can’t remember who posted it but thank you whoever you are) for far cheaper than Yamaha.

Any opinions here before I pull the trigger? It seems to be common with the TPS on our aging bikes. I’m planning to pull the carbs anyway once winter sets in hard, the camchain tensioner also needs some attention as that sewing machine noise drives me mental!!

Anyway thank you for reading, probably typed far too much but wanted to paint as full a picture as possible. Cheers gang, looking forward to hearing from you and hope my experience with this might help others in the future.


Introduction / Just a hello before I get started…
« on: 22 October 2022, 12:16:51 pm »
Hi all, just a quick introduction before I get onto the issues with a slightly poorly Fazer…

Not a Fazer rider myself but recently bought the fiancée a 99 model as her first bike and she loves it. It’s seen better days, little bit rough round the edges but rides nicely enough and perfect for her to get her confidence up. Handles well and stops well for what it is (not to mention for it’s bargain basement price).

The engine isn’t running its best, but I think it’s fixable and have been quietly getting info from the site since I registered a few weeks ago. But will put up a more detailed post in the appropriate section on the issues soon.

But for now just saying hi and looking forward to some of the good knowledge from the long standing members here.

Cheers all, Darren

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