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Foccin’ YamahApathy


Aegis Bearing Mel:

Kia ora Foccers young and auld, I hope you and yours are going foccin’ splendidly in these “interesting” times we all find ourselves in.

Alas it seems that it’s not only Suzuki that are looking to withdraw from the status quo of the motorcycle world this year, we here at Foc-U are contemplating the same.

It’s no secret that Bob and I have been struggling to find the time that our beloved forum needs recently.
I say Bob and I, but in reality it’s Bob that has been running things for at least two years, if not more, as aside from footing the bill for 8 years, I just haven’t been in the personal space to give time to Foc-U at all.
Thankfully Bob has been willing to cover not only the costs for this year, but also the day to day running of the forum, so we ALL need to acknowledge this and owe him thanks ( and a pint or five when you see him next) for doing so.

Around December I posted on the forum that we were looking for admins and was desperately disappointed at the lack of responses from Foccers willing to take on the mantle of Admin/Mods.
I’m unsure if it’s Pandemic, social media or apathy reasons, but I’ve seen more interest in bunking with Heath, Ginge and I at the Spring Meet than I saw in that post.

As much as it pains me to admit, the offers to buy out the Forum from folks looking to cash in on the historical success and member base is starting to make more and more sense to both myself and Bob.

This post is really a last ditch effort to see if any of you magnificent Foccers are willing to take on the challenge of bringing Foc-U into the 2020s with an integrated forum and social media base through time, enthusiasm, expertise and perhaps a little coin, or whether I should face up to the fact that the Halcyon days of the board have long since past and look at getting out whilst the getting is good.


This is the last call for any interested parties to step forward and take on the role of Admins from Bob & I to move Foc-U into the ‘20s before we, reluctantly, look at selling the domain rights and historical archives of posts to the interested commercial parties.

I hope some of you, like me, don’t want to see the auld girl tarted up with adverts and banners and are willing to take us on our journey for the next decade as I (kinda) have since moving from Yuku to this iteration, but if not please don’t complain down the line when you need to log in with your card details handy…

Take care, stay safe and I hope you all keep it shiny side up.
Love ’n hugs,

As mentioned in private chat, my backup plan was to migrate the forum to a local server and then just cover the costs of the domain hosting myself. For the little traffic the forum gets this should be doable.

Is there anyway people in the community can help out.

there is so much info and history in this forum and archives to loose that.


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