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Avoid K&N oil filters? they apear to have a habit of exploding/leaking!

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Just had a buddy tell me that he had a K&N oil filter let go and leak oil all over the bottom of the bike and his rear tyre on a trip to Europe. So then did a search online for "exploding K&N oil filter" and there is page after page of results, but here are some examples with images -

* was a class action lawsuit in 2020 against them -
* like it effected the following filters - KN-138, KN-204 & KN-303 (This fits the FZS1000 & FZ1). They list the KN-147 for the FZS600, but other searching show the KN-303 also fits.

Your first two links go to the same page!

Corrected, but they were only examples. There are pages and pages of search results about this issue.

This isn't a new issue, some other filters have suffered similarly.  Mostly cheap chinese rip offs and companies trying to cut cost with materials and production to max profit.

I only ever use OE or Hiflofiltro TUV approved filters. 

Tbh you can Google any brand of anything and find many examples of failure (for example just Google Michelin tyre failures) Thats the problem with the internet.
I choose to believe that a brand as big as K&N can be trusted as much as the next one 🤷‍♂️ Th problem is probably moreto do with fakes, as Gnasher says a lot of Chinese companies are copying things now so unless your buying from a reputable company then there's no guarantee your buying a genuine product


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