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rea reigns superb


I probably get on peoples' nerves how great I think Jonathan Rea is but after this last weekends performance at Assen who can argue that he's up there with the best to come out of the U.K. ever ? yes ever!? each season that goes by he has to up his game against formidable riders,nothing has been gifted him,he has fought tooth and nail with the very best and won .You may argue that he's not raced against Moto GP riders apart from a short period on a Honda but I'm convinced if he'd been given a proper schedule of off season training and a solid contract he would have eventually beaten these as well you might win one or even two world titles being exceptional but six going on seven !!! unbelievable.

Hard to fault what you say, his shear consistency is absolutely incredible, not only is he a great racer his is very clever at how he races also.

No matter what they seem to throw at him he gets on and does the job. He even won of the Honda when it wasn't capable of wining
It will be Interesting to see how Locatelli does on the newer tracks on a superbike, he was as impressive as Rory Skinner was in Knockhill


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