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Forum Etiquette - Replying to Posts


This is an important message for all posters on these Forums.

We want to make these Forums a friendly, welcoming and open place for people to discuss bikes, biking and bike related issues.

Discussions of political topics are allowed, however, please keep them to separate threads as much as possible. If a bike related topic starts getting political, we may curtail the discussion or split it off into a thread of its own to keep the main topic from being swamped.

We appreciate that feelings can run high on some issues, however before you respond to a comment which you don't like or don't agree with, we would be grateful if you would pause for a moment, take a step back and consider whether "popping off" at someone else is going to add anything positive to the discussion.

There is no problem with you disagreeing with someone, but while "I don't think you're correct because..." is acceptable "you're an idiot" is not.

Personal attacks, insults, bullying or discriminatory language etc will not be tolerated and posts may be edited or removed at the Moderators' discretion.

Violations of these rules or other disruptive behaviour may result in a member's posting privileges being temporarily restricted.

Continued violations or other unacceptable behaviour may result in a member being permanantly banned.

Please note that if you have an issue with a poster or a post, use the "Report to Moderator" link at the bottom right hand corner of each post, do not post comments in the thread or call out other people's actions.

Moderator decisions are final and are not open to discussion.

- The Moderation Team


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