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### Stags in The Ring (Nurburgring) 2020 ###CANCELLED####

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Sorry everyone but this is off (for me at least) - I'm not going to be in a position of "spare cash" to fund this little jaunt - the Spring Meet itself is also likely to be cancelled this year (but not yet 100% confirmed)

This idea grew off the back of ‘doing something special’ to celebrate 20 years of Spring Meet.

In simple terms the plan was to attend the Spring Meet then pitch off on the Monday to ‘the ferry’ then blat across France/Belgium/Germany to Nurburg and the Nurburgring.   Fine in principle but in practically not so good as people tired, need fresh clothes etc.

Also the dates may not have aligned with the opening times for the Ring (it is open selected evenings and weekends).   So the plan now is to go sometime in June (maybe July) or September potentially leaving midweek to coincide with the Ring calendar to be able to be there to coincide with at an evening session and weekend day.  It also needs to be borne in mind that the Ring can be scheduled to be open and then can be closed (e.g. if someone bins it) - so you if you only have one window and it ends up being closed when you get there, it’s a long way to go to be disappointed).

Outline plan would be:
…erm haven’t got that far yet

Oh and you need to have attended at least one Spring Meet to join this foray.

Express interest, ideas below.  It doesn't have to be Nurburgring but the advantages are, it is iconic and can be done in less that a week (as not all of us have endless holidays available, or are in the holiday = not getting paid category).


I’m in mate, if not the ring perhaps the NC500,
Anychance of sorting dates out ASAP bud

Yes please....... as long as Heath'll carry a spare fuel can for me...... :D :D :D

Following - definitely interested.... How does insurance work on the 'ring? I think mine specifically excludes the circuit....

Hi Stuart, great idea....I can’t do June due to prior commitments, but can do the following - July 2nd to 19th, any in September. Fyi, 20years since I wrote my first R1 off there, bottom of a hill just before carousel, it’s not big & definitely not clever😥


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