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Chatroom IM client type thing


Aegis Bearing Mel:
I'm back to work in Wednesday bud, so you'll have peace from me then again.

Are there any plans afoot to have an IM type thing on here?
I know it's not used by many that regularly on Yuku, but myself and a few of the Scots do venture in every now and then for a blether and a catch up.

Do you mean "That Chatroom" that's above General? If so I didn't think anyone used it anymore. But if they do then I'll for something :)

Aegis Bearing Mel:
That's the puppy.
Myself, Looney, Neily and Dunky have been known to sit in there babbling in tongues (Scots as it's more commonly called) late at night after a wee Port 'n Lemon.


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