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Fitting a Digi Gear on a Fazer 8

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Interesting!  No I have not had the chance to give it a go yet.  I don't suppose you pointed out the wiring colour scheme to them did you?
I took the Digi Gear off my FZS 600 - where I had installed it myself with no problem.  However, whilst Data Tool were able to help with the FZS and provide the wiring mapping colours, when I contacted them this time I did get a response but all they did was referred me to their web site - which actually was no help at all.
I have traced the wiring scheme from the work shop manual that I got from this site.  Fairly confident it's right.
Were they not able to tell you why they couldn't get it to work?

Thats why I went with the Acumen! Several points here-Presume your bike is still under warranty so how does your cutting & splicing into the loom affect this? All the dealerhad to do was identify the correct wires from wiring diagram and join up-6 hours that takes the biscuit! Any competent auto electrician should be able to do the job in an hour or so but if you cut into the loom & have subsequent gremlins how will you get round the warranty issue? Looms are definitely NOT CHEAP!
At least with the Acumen they manufacture bike specific plug & play looms that get round all these issues. £50 for digital gear kit(alright was reducedby dealer who says they no longer supply & hated fitting to bikes!) & £35 +p&p for plug & plasy from Acumen. Took 10 mins to fit & set up. :sun

I've sent my circuit diagram with mapping to Scorpion for their advice.  Will update with their response - if received!

Let us know the outcome,FazerPete. I know there are plenty of competent forum members but there are probably just as many who prefer not to resort to the knife and soldering iron. Also if you ever sell your bike & return to standard spec before sale or want to transfer digigear to new bike-give me push together connections any day! good luck! :)

No worries I will keep you informed.  Just need a decent weekend with nice weather as I dont have the luxury of a garage to work in.


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