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Fitting a Digi Gear on a Fazer 8

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HI guys
Well the time came for me to part company with my trusted 2002 FZS 600.  She served me well but after 44,000 miles (and a quote of £500 labour to fix a busted exhaust engine bolt - labour alone) it was clear she was not going to last another year save me spending serious dosh on her.  So there she went as a part chop for the new Fazer 8.  Regrets - none so far but early days!
Anyway, taking into account that I was given the square root of zero as a part chop I decided to strip as many accessories off the bike before I exchanged and where necessary place on E-bay.  One piece was my trusted Datatool Digi Gear.  I had previously managed to wire her up to the FZS and it proved very trustworthy and I utilised it more than the speedo and rev counter.  So now the time has come for me to attempt putting her into the Fazer8.  Armed with the wiring diagram (thanks guys) I am still left wondering what wires go to where!
Is there anyone in here that can provide a basic "this colour wire on the bike goes to this colour wire on the digi gear"?

Dont know about Datatool version but I recently bought @ bargain price an Acumen Digital gear indicator which came with wiring diagram. I was reluctant to cut into the wiring loom so phoned Acumen who supplied a plug & play connector assembly that only needed fitting to the back of the instrument cluster-no surgery necessary. Why not contact Datatool & see if they do a similar item?

Cheers.  Will do.  Will update with their reply.

OK here is what I have been told:
Digi Colour Black to FZ8 Black - Earth
Digi Colour Red to FZ8 Red/Green - Live
Digi Colour Yellow to FZ8 Red/White - Tachometer (Rev counter)
Digi Colour Green to FZ8 Yellow/Blue - Speedo
Digi Colour Brown to FZ8 Blue/White - Neutral
Digi Colour Orange - not connected
Will update when I have the nerve to giving it a go!

Hi Peter
I took my 8 in to the local dealer yesterday and after six hours work they have been unable to fit the Datatool Digi!
I am wondering how you got on fitting yours - dId you have any problems etc or was it fairly straight forward.
I paid them half of what they wanted, but any information you may have would be helpful! Apparently they found that after contacting Datapool they were no wiser and also commented on how unhelpful they were!!
I look forward to hearing your comments.


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