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Ok.  Here we go again. Ill take of carbs and check them over again. And check throttle push/pull as i take them of just incase something there.
And strong coffee first,,, might help. :)

 :rolleyes  Well im still in limbo. Went back to start. all off. Timing was out and this was my mistake. When i put cams back in and lined up timing marks i hadnt noticed it had moved at alternator mark. I had just watched dots staying lined up on cams. Then turned over with hand afew times but didnt recheck timing marks. Both were 1 tooth out. So reset cams and yes checked timing marks and rechecked , twice all good.
So thought this would help ,,,, nope :'(
Ive checked carbs but have not pulled them apart as i never touched them to start with. Sliders are all ok and come down with the usual woosh sound. Flaps spring back and cables on in right order. Flick throttle and all good. Carbs back on and balanced all good. Checked TPS and sitting at 5..
Bike running and because im in shed give it a wee bit throttle and all seems good. Or as good as it used to be.
So test run. and few yards up road , first junction . and revs not falling quick enough. Slightly better but not right. If stop revs are still falling when im stationary.  Its not like cruise control,, as when i take speed up and just let throttle go it will slow down but far too slow . The last say 1000 down to tick over seem the slowest. Tick over is 1100 ,, this is slightly up from what i used to have. It was around 1000 but not above.
Ive had carbs of again :o  and again all seems ok. I did reset mixture screws to 2 turns out,,, just to see,,, and no difference.
Im stuck for ideas.

Still sounds like either an air leak or a kinked breather hose

Yep. Going to have another look over and hope to see something.
Had a look through internet last night and seems this can happen to all makes and models. One i read was more or less exactely what i said in first post.
So its a case of crossed fingers and hope something crops up. :)

 :'( Well think ive lost the plot.  After not finding anything obvious i decided last couple of days to take bike to work. On wendesday , whatever i did i got the bike to start dropping revs to point it was only last 1000 or so that would be slow , so thought not too bad so off to work.
Half way to work stopped at shop,, went restart bike and tick over was about 2000 ,, i sat for a few mins to see if they would drop but stayed up so i lowered them back to 1100.
At work stopped and again revs stuck at 2000 :rolleyes ,, sat for a bit but again didnt drop so i lowered them again..
So thats now twice ive lowered the revs to achieve 1100 tick over,, why isnt it just not cutting out,, pass.
After shift started the bike and was expecting it not to tick over but it did. So off home. Home and still ok.
Today once again got to work and had to lower revs,, im now not getting this at all. But to add to it a simple thing , seal gone on rear brake :o :o .
After shift started bike and guess what,,,, it wouldnt tick over and after about 15mins trying to set it i gave up and came home with a few bump starts,
so im lost .
When i got the bike i had broken spark plug which was head of fix , back together and ran straight away.
Broken exhaust stud , again strip to fix, back together and ran straight away.
I never expected this so dont know what to do next.


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