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Tommy Bridewell


Massive respect to Tommy Bridewell for the two outstanding performances at Oulton Park last Sunday. The second race was truly amazing, can't wait for Brands in a few weeks time.

If he continues that form the title will be his. That second race was one of his best I have ever seen. Did the pressure get to O'Halloran I wonder? faultless all year.

Bizarre how Brookes and O’Hallarans fortunes have suddenly gone in opposite directions almost. Chris Iddon has been so unlucky being on the receiving end of so many other riders’ dramas after such a great start, and Taz has certainly got a ruthless streak. He’s like a baby faced assassin. Really looking forward to Brands, got my 46 Bridewell t-shirt ready to go. As much as I enjoyed my trip to Aragon the other week, we have a world class competition on our doorstep, possibly at a higher level due to no electronic aids, as is the case in WSB.


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