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Mk1/2 Fazer 600: Ulez test

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Hi has anyone had this test recently,any advice on getting a first time pass.

Have i missed out on some very important info somewhere, i knew the 1000's had a way of getting through the test but was under the impression that the 600's were a complete no no?


I know of quite a few older bikes that pass, one is an air cooled RD250, he paid for the test and it was under the NOX limit so passed.

Contact Yamaha and get the NOX rating, if it's below the limit, you can pay (£60) them to issue you with a certificate of conformity and send it to TFL. They'll add the plate to their database.     

Thank you for the  information, I have looked at this site before just wanted to now if any 02 fazers or earlier ones have taken the test recently and passed and at what cost.


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