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Iannone banned for 4 years.

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Brits' tend to hit there peak a fair bit later than their italian/spanish counterparts so there's hope even for Sam Lowes if he was to get a race winning ride not like the shoddy way Aprillia treated him in Moto Gp a few years back,but injury aside I think Jake Dixon could be competitive in the premier class but he needs to be there soon.Dorna could help because they like to see one or two brits in the class.Rory Skinners' name has been mentioned but there's a massive gulf between blowing all the Brits off and looking great in BSB supersport and GP's,it would be interesting though,apparently his management were looking for a ride in Moto2 .

Only just read about Chas Davies being in the frame for an Aprillia Moto GP ride next year and thought well,that would be great but didn't think he had much chance with some strong moto2 riders' about but it turns out that in their agreement with Dorna BT sport have demanded a british rider must be in the series so with Cal test riding for Yamaha looks like Chas might get that easier than you think. :thumbup

Yep, saw that yesterday, although didn't know about the Dorna contract thing. Great news anyhow. As you say a strong possibility of a Brit on the MotoGp grid after all. The early talk of Bezzecchi or Canet was scotched as they both turned down the offer. Chas is obviously not first choice, but glad his talent has been recognised. Aprilia do seem to operate like headless chickens though, the mishandling of the Iannone situation underlines that I think.


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