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Club bike racing,16th 17th March, Brands Hatch

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Ok, be great to see some of you,, Inc you Dazza  :lol ,  on the pit wall you see how fast them bikes go by,,mind when you wihd5he bike up up that straight with the kink coming into it you are soon over a ton, bike 30 , blue R1


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--- Quote from: slimwilly on 05 March 2019, 06:08:34 pm ---Our race club holds its first race meeting of the year 16th 17th March,  it's not too expensive to get in, come and have a look.
Blue R1 number 30 in one of the garages, total access to all areas, pit lane, garages, you can get to see it all.
We are testing on Friday,free entry I think.
Some very fastriders ,loads of classes, 125s , two strokes, old classics. And all the modern stuff too.

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Good luck. Wish I could have afforded to go racing.

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If you wait,you never do .As Barry Sheene once said "don't wait for your ship to come in,swim out and meet the bugger"

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Too old now. When I was younger, I never had the time or money. Now Ive just not got the money, but Im happy to do trackdays and pretend Im racing

Good for you Agricola and fair play. Over the years I 've met and have as friends people who are shit hot on a motorbike, or playing guitar, or amazing at art. And sadly none of them have made a living out of there talent.
As long as you're happy and enjoying what you do.Then you can't really ask for more. :) :thumbup

There is a 3 day meeting this weekend, another club,,
Last night as racers were turning up ,setting up in outer paddock some useless twat hooked up a trailer and nicked it and the two bikes on it, R1 and Fireblade, poor bloke is gutted.



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