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Fazer 8 ABS headlight mod

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Great.  Sounds like an easy fix to me  :lol .
Cheers  :D

Joining this topic a bit late - but my mate has a second hand FZ1 and both his lights are on in dipped! Do FZ1's do this anyway or has the previous owner done a mod. If 1's do it dealers shouldn't have too much trouble working out how to do it properly  :rolleyes I'm looking for my Fazer8 dipped lights to be sorted at 1st annual service next month (not told them that yet) Hopping for them not to be 'completely in the dark'. I'll let you know.
See Ya

Not sure but as a history I can tell you that I previously had a FZS600 fox eye model - with the old Thundercat engine on a 2002 plate.  The earlier model (pre fox eye) had the same issue we have with "one eye syndrome" but Yamaha listened to riders and brought out the fox eye version in 2001/2002 with both dipped lights on as standard.  I actually didn't pick up on the fact they went back to old style until I had purchased the bike.  This action completely mystifies me!  When I contacted Clay Cross the service department claimed "no one has ever complained before and lots of bikes only have one dipped headlight on at any time".  My bike is due in for first service at the end of the month.  I don't really want to pay them for work I can do myself but am consious I could end up failing a mot further down the line with a  bloody minded MOT inspector  :\ .  Let us know how you get on.

Sounds like your service is before mine - but will get back to you if I find anything out.
How are you finding the rear shock on your 8? Is mine the only one that's bouncy or am I just too fat  :rolleyes

I have heard a lot of people making comments about the rear shocks but to be honest I have not really noticed anything too annoying - YET.  Mind you I have not realy had time to take her out for any form of serious ride yet.  Just the standard daily commute to and from the rail station - 20 mile a day.  Likewise I was advised not to take the revs above 6,000 rpm until after the first 600 miles.  Looking forward to seeing what she is really like when the throttle is opened up :-).
Good luck.   


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