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Title: engine knock
Post by: hawkyzf on 19 August 2014, 12:02:26 pm
 hi,i need help with a knocking sound that is coming from the motor-only when hot,between 2000-3500 rpm,mostly evident on the overrun(when coming back
down),with no load.no knock if under load (holding front brake in first gear at same rpm) knock disappears above 3500 and does not affect riding,vibration.engine clutch and gearbox seem
smooth,just this knocking sound...deep knock in the lower part of the motor,has only done 15000 miles-2001 model........i have changed the oil and filter-no metal chips or flakes,the knocking is evident in neutral/stationary and no knock when moving or under load (chain and sprockets are new)..as it's a knock more than a rattle i don't think the camchain or tensioner are the problem--i could be wrong though--the knock is only there at 85 degrees and above (operating temp) and is louder on the way back down from 3000-2000 revs at a standstill in neutral,it sounds like big end but i thought that would be more evident under load,this seems to be the opposite...any help would be greatly appreciated ........
Title: Re: engine knock
Post by: BIG MAC on 19 October 2014, 08:40:51 pm
Have you checked the clutch and carb balance?
Title: Re: engine knock
Post by: hawkyzf on 31 December 2014, 06:23:38 pm
found the problem......the clutch boss spring had broken,taking out two clutch plates and the clutch hub bearing was knackered....replaced the clutch hub bearing,full set of plates and new boss spring-all back together and running fine..and no noise :D