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Introduction / just joined...
« on: 13 September 2019, 05:56:54 pm »

evening all... 8)

been a biker for 1000's of years... :rolleyes ....have a blackbird with gravel rash...(winter project)
so to tide me over I bought a15k mile 04 F1, not knowing anything about them other than they were top of the recommendation list
compiled by friends..I'm pleasantly goes like stink...complete lunatic over 7k revs.
now I'm use to going like stink because the blackbird goes like stink but I suspect the F1 would be a little quicker to 100
before the xx took over all the way up to 180.. :eek ... think by now you may be getting a clue as to my user name   :evil ;)

thing is.. I don't know anyone else with an F1 so..if anyone would like to meet up sometime for a blast.. preferable over wales way
let me know and well sort out a meeting place..

looking forward to membership

geriatric lunatic :)

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